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November 6, 2008

Academic Affairs Committee
LOCATION: UC Conference Room, 211A
November 6, 2008
3:00 - 5:00 PM

I. Approval of Minutes

October 2, 2008

II. Consent

The College:

COMM133 Documentary Film as Persuasive Communication

Earth & Environmental Sciences
GEOS197 Undergraduate Research

PSYC140 Psychology of Gender
PSYC191 Independent Study
PSYC197 Independent Research

School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences:
Revisions to Pharm D Curricular
PHRM111 Pharmacy Practice and Professionalism
PHRM112 Dispensing, Compounding, and Calculations
PHRM113 Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry
PHRM114 Physical Pharmacy and Dosage Forms
PHRM115 Nonprescription Therapy and Self Care
PHRM118 Practicum I
PHRM121 Informatics, Statistics and Research Design
PHRM122 Physiology and Pathophysiology I
PHRM123 Physiology and Pathophysiology II
PHRM124 Drug Metabolism and Disposition
PHRM129 Community I: Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience
PHRM134 Pharmacokinetics and Advanced Drug Delivery Systems
PHRM135 Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry I
PHRM136 Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry II
PHRM138 Practicum II
PHRM139 Geriatrics Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience
PHRM142 Physiology and Pathophysiology III
PHRM145 Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry III
PHRM146 Therapeutics I - Neuropsychiatry
PHRM147 Therapeutics II - GI/Hepatic/Nutrition
PHRM149 Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience: Hospital Pharmacy
PHRM151 Pharmacoeconomics, Benefits and Outcomes
PHRM152 Pharmacy Law and Ethics
PHRM156 Therapeutics: Cardiovascular Diseases
PHRM157 Therapeutics IV - Renal/Respiratory
PHRM158 Practicum III
PHRM159 Community II Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience
PHRM161 Pharmacy Management
PHRM165 Therapeutics V - Infectious Disease
PHRM166 Therapeutics VI Oncology and Transplantation
PHRM167 Therapeutics VII - Endocrine/Musculoskeletal
PHRM168 Practicum IV
PHRM169 Health Care Outreach Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience
PHRM171 Internal Medicine Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience
PHRM172 Ambulatory Care Advance Pharmacy Practice Experience
PHRM173 Hospital Care Advance Pharmacy Practice Experience
PHRM174 APPE - Community Pharmacy Practice Rotation
PHRM184 Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Elective I
PHRM185 Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Elective II
Doctor of Pharmacy

III. New Programs

The College:
BS Athletic Training

School of Engineering and Computer Science:

Mechanical Engineering
MECH102 Materials in Engineering Design
MECH162 Combustion

Elec & Comp Eng
ECPE125 Intro to Digital Signal Processing

MA in Engineering courses
ENGR201 Techniques in Research
ENGR219 Numerical Methods for Engineering
ENGR250 Prob & Stat for Engr & CS
ENGR290 Engineering Project Management and Leadership
ENGR292 Managing Science Technology and Innovation
ENGR295 Graduate Seminar
BENG202 Biosensor
BENG205 Adv Biomaterials
CIVL263 Earthquake Engineering
CIVL265 Adv Structural Steel Design
CIVL266 Adv Reinforced Concrete Design
CIVL267 Design in Timber Structures
COMP241 Programming Language Semantics
COMP251 Multi-Agent Systems
COMP253 Virtual Reality
ECPE225 Digital Signal Processing with Applications
ECPE233 Quantum and Nano Devices
ECPE253 Advanced Computer Graphics
ECPE263 Topics in Renewable Energy
EMGT250 Decision Techniques in Engineering
MECH202 Polymer and Composite Materials
MECH204 Advanced Mechatronics
MECH262 Combustion
ENGR281-283 Directed Experiential Learning
ENGR291 Graduate Independent Study
ENGR293 Special Topics
ENGR297 Graduate Research
ENGR299 Thesis
BENG291 Graduate Independent Study
BENG293 Special Topics
BENG297 Graduate Research
BENG299 Thesis
CIVL291 Graduate Independent Study
CIVL293 Special Topics
CIVL297 Graduate Research
CIVL299 Thesis
COMP291 Graduate Independent Study
COMP293 Special Topics
COMP297 Graduate Research
COMP299 Thesis
ECPE291 Graduate Independent Study
ECPE 293 Special Topics
ECPE 297 Graduate Research
ECPE 299 Thesis
EMGT291 Graduate Independent Study
EMGT293 Special Topics
EMGT297 Graduate Research
EMGT299 Thesis
MECH291 Graduate Independent Study
MECH293 Special Topics
MECH297 Graduate Research
MECH299 Thesis


Music Therapy Prog/Music Studies
MTHR230 Bonny Method Level I Training
MTHR231 Individual Music Therapy: Advanced Theory and Techniques
MTHR232 Group Music Therapy: Advanced Theory and Techniques
MTHR240 Psychology of Music
MTHR251 Music Therapy Supervision I: Intro to Therapy & Applications
MTHR252 Music Therapy Supervision II: Applied Experience
MTHR260 Advanced Clinical Practice in Music Therapy
MTHR265 Human Research in Music Therapy: Supervised Experience
MTHR275 College Teaching in Music Therapy: Curriculum, Competencies & Classroom
MTHR235 Music in Special Education
MTHR244 Community Approaches to Music Therapy
MA in Music Therapy

IV. Calendar

V. Chair-elect

VI. Adjournment