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September 4, 2003

Academic Affairs Committee

McCaffrey Center Spruce Room

September 4, 2003

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM




I.             Welcome and orientation to the Academic Affairs Committee     Information


II.           Distribution of Committee Materials, Revised Forms, Procedures for
Submitting Course Forms, and Course Approval Timeline Dates Information
III.          Approval of Minutes                                                                                   Action

May 15, 2003


IV.          Consent Agenda                            Action

TJL School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences



PHAR 142    Neuropsychiatric Pharmaceutical Care

PHAR 153    Renal and Respiratory Care



PRAC 146    Developmental Disabilities

PMED 153   Pharmaceutical Compounding


Speech-Language Pathology


SLPA 288     Externship


School of International Studies


INTL 113L   Video Lab for World Geography


V.           Program Review                                                                                         Action Review
a. Panel Membership for 2003-2004 Panels


VI.          Program Changes                                                                                        Action

School of Education / Program Name Change

               From:      Educational Administration and Foundations

               To:          Educational Administration and Leadership


VII.        Grade Averaging Policy for Graduate and First Professional Programs                                                                                                                 Information

VIII.       Old Business                                                                                                Action


VIII.       Other                                                                                      Information / Action