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April 5, 2012

Academic Affairs Committee
DeRosa University Center 211A/B
April 5, 2012; 3:00 - 5:00 PM

I. Approval of Minutes - Action
March 1, 2012

II. Consent - Action
College of the Pacific
Economics Department
ECON 101 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis (prerequisite change)
ECON 103 Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis (prerequisite change)
Religious and Classical Studies
CLAS 110 Greek Literature and Society (Title change)
CLAS 112 Latin Literature and Roman Society (Title change)
RELI 023 Hebrew Bible (Title change)

Benerd School of Education
Department of Curriculum & Instruction
EDUC 319 Curriculum Analysis
EDUC 321 Writing for Publication

School of Engineering and Computer Science
Department of Civil Engineering
CIVL 238 Industrial & Hazardous Waste Management
CIVL 275 Microbiology of Engineered Systems

Conservatory of Music
Music Composition Department
MCOM 194 Composition Senior Recital

School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Department of Pharmacy Practice
PRAC 136 Entrepreneurial Pharmacy Practice
PRAC 142 Basics and Structure of the Medicare Benefit
Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences Graduate Program
PCSP 254 Research Processes: Publications, Presentation, Grants and IRB
PCSP 256 Health Services Management and Finance
PCSP 258 Teaching and Evaluation of Learning and Competency
PCSP 265 Health Care Economics
PCSP 266 Pharmacoeconomics and Microeconomics/Managerial Economics for PHCOS Practitioners

III. Program Changes - Action
College of the Pacific
Department of Economics
BS Economics, concentration Mathematical Economics

School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
BA in Applied Science

IV. Forms Update - Action

V. Syllabus Required Elements - Revision - Discussion/Action

VI. What's on your mind? - Discussion