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April 1, 2010

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of April 1, 2010
UC 211

Present: M. Bhattacharyya, A. Boboc, B. Gundersen, B. Jasti, Y. Kim, B. Phillips, C. Rodriguez, P. Rosson, S. Wheeler
Not Present: F. Au, A. Go, R. Khoie, B. Klunk
Ex-Officio: Ron Hoverstad, Eileen McFall, Ray Sylvester

Call to order: 3:04pm

I.  Approval of Minutes      
Minutes of March 4th, 2010 were approved with one correction.
S. Wheeler moved, M. Bhattacharyya seconded; approved.

II. Consent Agenda      
School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
PCSP263 Analytical Techniques in Pharmacoeconomics and Health Care Outcomes and Services
PCSP264 Applied Statistics in Health Services Research & Analysis
PHAR171 Internal Medicine Rotation
PHAR172 Ambulatory Care Rotation
PHAR173 Hospital Pharmacy Practice
PHAR174 Community Pharmacy Practice
B. Jasti moved, A. Boboc seconded; approved.

III. Eileen McFall, Director of Assessment
Eileen McFall introduced herself to faculty and is looking forward to working with faculty on enhancing student learning and assessment at Pacific. Key points for plan for 2010-11 include; building on the work of faculty and programs that are interested and engaged; build on authentic and direct assessment; support communication, collaboration and coordination of program, school and college assessment planning; support program planning and self study; make formal assessment policy congruent with Pacific’s mission and goals and supportive of student learning. By the end of the 2010-11 academic year, we should have a university-wide assessment plan.

IV.  Business School 4-day teaching schedule
Ray Sylvester provided further information for the Business school’s teaching schedule proposal. A. Boboc moved, M. Bhattacharyya seconded; to approve the two year pilot, 5 approved, 1 abstention.

V.  Will Price and Calvin Chen, Insurance/Liability (ELOC)
The ELOC committee shared insurance and liability documents in regards to potential risks of experiential learning for students. It was suggested to share with colleagues and units for discussion and awareness, it is not meant to impose on procedure already in place.

VI.  Adjourned: 4: 42pm