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April 15, 2004

Academic Affairs Committee

Minutes of April 15, 2004

McCaffrey Center Spruce Room

Present: Bob Cox, Barbara West, Vivian Snyder, Chris Goff, Berit Gundersen, Robert Coburn, Lisa Nowinski

Absent: Stefanie Naumann, Ash Brown, Paul Kozina, Jerry Post  

Guests: Phil Gilbertson, Marisa Kelly, Bill Swagerty, Jason Harlow, Anne Moore, Gene Pearson, Lydia Fox, Doug Smith, Marc McGee

Chair Bob Cox called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.

I.        Approval of Minutes

April 1, 2004

Motion: Vivian Snyder moved, Lisa Nowinski seconded to approve the minutes with an amendment to add Marisa Kelly to the list of guests.  

Motion unanimously approved.

II.       Consent Agenda

Motion: Vivian Snyder moved, Lisa Nowinski seconded to approve the items on the consent agenda.

Motion approved by 4 members with 1 opposed and 1 abstention.   


III.     Program Review

1. President's Decisions - November 6, 2003 - Art and Art History, Gender Studies, School of International Studies, and Office of international Programs and Services.   Provost Gilbertson remarked on the decision by the President early this year re-align the Office of International Programs and Services under Student Life to improve the working relationship with the international students.   This change has been endorsed by the Academic Council and the Study Abroad Committee.   Interviews to fill the director position are beginning next week.

2. President's Decisions - March 23, 2004 - Modern Language and Literature, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Speech-Language Pathology.   The Humanities Task Force has recently submitted its report and is being reviewed by the dean, the Provost, and the College of the Pacific Council.   One recommendation is to combine two departments into one department and to end a major in Classics.   The Classics Program Review process was in action during the time of this recommendation.   After discussions with President DeRosa and Dean Miller it was decided to proceed with the Program Review process.   There is a change in Program Review to increase learning assessment.   The process for Program Review involves a final consultation with the department / program heads to discuss all the panel recommendations in addition to the President's decisions and make decisions about which of those will be pursued.  

The Speech-Language Pathology Department was having an accreditation site visit the same time as the Program Review process.   The department is working to make their clinical supervision less burdensome for the faculty.   It is an extraordinary program.   The site team recognized the clinical training and strong faculty oversight for that clinical experience.   The department could not identify a profile of comparative programs.   The schools would not release data to identify a benchmark.   

3. Geosciences

Motion: Chris Goff moved, Lisa Nowinski seconded to consider for approval the process followed by the panel members to gather information for the report.

Jason Harlow and Anne Moore, panel members, gave a brief overview of the process used by the panel used to gather information to compose the recommendations.

Lydia Fox, Chair of Geosciences, felt the panel was very thorough.   They meet with the faculty individually and the students.

Bill Swagerty, Director of Environmental Studies Program, did not have an opportunity to view the panel report prior to the day before the Academic Affairs Committee meeting.   He would like to have had an opportunity to respond in writing about the process.   B. Swagerty would like the time to meet with the faculty of Environmental Studies and the dean to discuss some issues and ultimately present a written response to the Dean and the Provost.  

Lydia Fox would like this portion to be considered separately.

Amended motion: Chris Goff moved, Lisa Nowinski seconded to consider for approval the process used by the panel with the exception that the program in Environmental Studies was not kept informed about the panel's recommendations, especially 1 and 3, and was not given opportunity to provide a written response.

Motion unanimously approved.  


Motion: Berit Gundersen moved, Barbara West seconded to consider all the recommendations.

Bill Swagerty will meet with the Environmental Studies faculty next week to share the entire panel report in preparation of a response.

Amended Motion: Berit Gundersen moved, Barbara West seconded to consider the recommendations with the exception of #3 to allow for Environmental Studies to develop a response to the recommendation.

Motion unanimously approved.

IV.     Program Changes


V.       Old Business

In March the Academic Affairs Committee returned an earlier version of the proposed new policy on transferability of graded units and GPA with questions to the Admission and Financial Aid Committee.   These questions were responded to and the proposed policy redrafted for resubmission.   Data prepared by Mike Rogers of the Office of Planning and Research showing how many courses and how many students would have been affected by these changes in the four academic years before this one was also submitted.

Motion: Berit Gundersen moved, Chris Goff seconded to accept the proposed transferability of graded units and GPA.  

Approved with 1 abstention.  

VI.      Adjournment

           Meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.

Submitted by

Rosie Fox, Secretary

Academic Affairs Committee