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April 2, 2009

Academic Affairs Committee       
Minutes of April 2nd, 2009
University Center, 211

Call to Order: 3:23pm

Present: Andreea, Go, Gundersen, Jasti, Khoie, McCallum, Wheeler, Wilson
Not Present: Batto, Juarez, MacArthur, Phillips
Ex-Officio: Peggy Rosson, Cecilia Rodriguez
Guests: Arturo Ocampo

I. Minutes: Minutes of March 5th, 2009 were approved as submitted.
C. Wilson moved, B. Jasti seconded, approved unanimously.
II.  Consent    

School of Engineering and Computer Science
 COMP157 Design & Analysis of Algorithms
 COMP173 Operating Systems
 COMP178 Computer Security
 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

B. Jasti moved, C. Wilson seconded, approved unanimously.

III. Calendar
An additional date for the calendar forums was added; April 14th at noon in the Library Community Room. There is an overall support to the calendar changes, please encourage the campus community to attend.

IV. Diversity Curriculum  
As requested, Assistant Provost Arturo Ocampo returned with a list of possible courses already in place that would meet the proposed diversity requirement. The Diversity committee will return for approval in September and will host campus forums to take input, giving faculty and students more time to become familiar with the new requirement. There are a few seats left for the Diversity Seminar that will be held the week of May 18th, please contact Provost Ocampo if interested.

V. Adjourned: 3:51