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April 26, 2012

Academic Affairs Committee
DeRosa University Center 211A/B
April 26, 2012
3:00 - 5:00 PM

Present: M. Battacharyya, A. Boboc, E. Boyce, A. Brown, M. Draheim, B. Gundersen, A. Richard, G. Rohlf, E. Typpo, S. Waltz,
Ex-Officio: L. Matz
Not Present: P. Rosson, Q. Dong, A. Dinh, M. Smith

Call to Order @ 3:06 pm

I. Approval of Minutes
April 5, 2012
M. Draheim moves to approve, E. Typpo seconds, motion unanimously approved.

II. Consent
College of the Pacific
Department of Biological Sciences
BIOL 171 Methods in Field Biology
Department of Economics
ECON 150 Wealth and Debt
Department of Psychology
PSYC 087a-f Internships
PSYC 089d, e Practicum

Conservatory of Music
Music Composition Department
MCOM 194 Composition Senior Recital

S. Waltz requests BIOL 171 be pulled from consent.
E. Boyce moves to approve consent agenda, A. Richard seconds, motion unanimously approved.

Discussion on BIOL 171 - issue with Course Fee form: This was a special topics course which already had an approved course fee and most BIO courses have course fees attached to them. This course can be approved without course fee paperwork.
S. Waltz moves to approve, A. Boboc seconds, motion unanimously approved.

III. Program Changes
College of the Pacific
Department of History
Public History and Museum Studies
HIST 089 Public History Practicum
Public History minor has added a practicum where the students may get experiential learning.
E. Boyce moves to approve the program change and the HIST 89 course, S. Waltz seconds, motion passes with one abstention.

Conservatory of Music
Music Studies
Music History Major
Music History Minor

S. Waltz: Changes are to remove language requirements, number of music history courses, and raise GPA requirement. Only expecting about two students to major in music history per year. Also changing the minor to include the appropriate courses and opened up liberal arts possibilities. Fewer changes than for the major, but also increased the GPA requirement.

Assessment plan of the changes, not of the program. The conservatory is working on their assessment plans. All degrees are Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Arts in Music Studies or Music Performance departments. Assessment plan could target the changes that are being made in this proposal.

M. Draheim moves to approve the major and the minor, E. Boyce seconds, motion passes with one abstention.

IV. BA Jazz Studies Brubeck Track Assessment Plan
Simon Rowe and Patrick Langham attended meeting to discuss the assessment plan of the new BA Jazz Studies Brubeck track that was approved at a prior meeting with the condition of presenting the assessment plan to the AAC today. They met with Eileen McFall and David Chase and presented a listing of five different program outcomes and mapped every course with an I (Introduced outcome), D (Developed outcome) and M (mastered outcome). Every student's portfolio is individualized. They work with students on an individual level. MUBI 150 is the most significant of the fellowship program, it covers style, repertoire, composition, performance. Sequential course for Brubeck fellows explicitly.

Looking at portfolio, juries, and recitals. Suggestion to put more information in text, as well as adding information about success of graduates.

V. Dugoni Endodontics plan.

The dental school is proposing a specialty masters in endodontics. A needs assessment was done and it was determined that there is a need in the US and this school is able to offer it right now. Framing why it's before this committee: the provost, president, etc. support this; specialty accreditation within the School of Dentistry, our committee is the avenue for getting this new master's program to the board of regents. They would like to send it to the October Regent's meeting.

E. Boyce moves to approve, A. Brown seconds, unanimously approved.

VI. Forms Update
Revisions from last meeting have been made to the forms. Review changes for formal approval today. Prior changes approved.
New changes:
- On Revision Form, item 18 should not be on this form. After discussion, decided that we can leave this question, but revise it as follows: Will other courses be deleted as a result of this proposal? Leave no/yes boxes and add: If yes, please submit appropriate forms as in question 17.
- On New Course Proposal form, also change number 17 to match number 18 (see above) to If yes, please submit appropriate form.
- Item 10 on both forms: change to: Maximum # of times the course can be taken for credit ______; for a maximum of _______ units for credit.
- On the signature page of the Revision form, need to add Diversity Curriculum Committee signature line
A. Richard, moves to approve, E. Boyce seconds, motion unanimously approved.

VII. Syllabus Required Elements - Update

Move #11 to #1 and push the others down.
Spell out ADA
Program and University-Wide learning outcomes, E. Boyce has suggested language:

List of the program and university-wide, and where applicable general education (GE) student learning objectives/outcomes that are met by this course in a meaningful manner, as defined by at least one of the following:
• Having at least one graded course component that addresses that outcome.
• Having at least 15% of course material that targets that outcome.
• Having course activities that enhance the student's abilities in that outcome to the level of intermediate development or mastery of that outcome, rather than just introduction
• Mere introduction of that outcome does not meet this criteria.

G. Rohlf suggested adding G.E. learning outcomes to GE courses.

E. Boyce moves to add program, university-wide, GE learning outcomes in a meaningful manner. G. Rohlf seconds, one abstention. Motion passes.

VIII. What's on Your Mind
This is Mouchumi's last meeting, she would like to thank the committee for their efforts this year and thanks to Berit for all of her help this year. Eric Typpo will chair the committee next academic year. Thanks to Eric Boyce, Sarah Waltz and Berit as this will be their last meeting since they are rotating off the committee.

Motion by G. Rohlf to have one electronic mail vote by committee for consent
agenda items only with voting period ending by July 15th. Email to be sent out on July 1st to the new representatives, seconded by S. Waltz, passed with one abstention.

Meeting adjourned at 5:07.