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April 3, 2008

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of April 3, 2008
McCaffrey Center, Pine Room

Call to Order: 3:05 p.m.

Present: Boboc, Gundersen, McCallum, Muskal, Phillips, S. Rodriguez, Van Donsel, Wheeler, Wilson Ex-Officio: C. Rodriguez, Rosson

Not Present: Aslam, Batto, Day, Golanbari, MacArthur

Guest: Lisa Cooper

Minutes: Minutes of March 6, were reviewed and approved with one edit. (CHEM163 was withdrawn)
Rodriguez moved, Phillips seconded, Motion to approve: Unanimous.

Consent Agenda Items:
Eberhardt School of Business
BUSI111 Accounting Information Systems

Benerd School of Education
CURR318 Research in Classroom Contexts
CURR320 Advanced Curriculum Studies
Muskal moved, S. Rodriguez seconded, Motion to approve. Unanimous

READ61 Study Efficiency

Program Changes:
School of International Studies
International Relations and Global Major
Muskal moved, Wheeler seconded, Motion to approve: Unanimous.

Guide for Annual and Periodic Program Planning and Self Study:
Issues regarding timeline and support through the process were addressed. There is not an overwhelming positive feed for the document. Program Planning and Self-Study is a requirement for WASC accreditation. Language will be added to the document that states Academic Affairs will review the document after the first rounds of review and collect feedback, comments and fix, if any, problems. It was suggested to present the document to departments over the summer, so they can become more familiar with the process. A preamble will be added to include all revision dates. The document will be submitted to the next COD meeting for feedback.

Transcript Notation for Disciplinary Suspension or Dismissal: Peggy Rosson presented on behalf of Student Life. This is a request to add a notation to the student's transcript; in case of a suspension or dismissal. For clarification a dismissal does not allow a student to return to the University a suspension allows a student to appeal for return. It was also suggested to include the language in the catalog. McCallum moved, Boboc seconded, Motion to approve: Unanimous.

Proposed Diversity Course Requirement: Lisa Cooper shared the proposed Diversity Course Requirement proposal. The issue came fourth at last years Diversity Retreat, from a student panel on how diversity could be better imbedded into the curriculum. Faculty has also expressed interest in professional development and training. The requirement is aimed toward the traditional 4 year program. Feedback was given to strengthen the proposed course.

Adjourned 4:45pm