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April 5, 2012

Academic Affairs Committee
DeRosa University Center 211A/B
April 5, 2012
3:00 - 5:00 PM


Present: M. Battacharyya, A. Boboc, E. Boyce, M. Draheim, B. Gundersen, A. Richard, S. Waltz,
Ex-Officio: L. Matz, P. Rosson
Not Present: A. Brown, Q. Dong, A. Dinh, G. Rohlf, M. Smith, E. Typpo

Call to Order @ 3:06 pm

I. Approval of Minutes
March 1, 2012
Motion to approve E. Boyce, seconded by B. Gundersen, unanimously approved.

II. Consent
College of the Pacific
Economics Department
ECON 101 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis (prerequisite change)
ECON 103 Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis (prerequisite change)
Religious and Classical Studies
CLAS 110 Greek Literature and Society (Title change)
CLAS 112 Latin Literature and Roman Society (Title change)
RELI 023 Hebrew Bible (Title change)

Benerd School of Education
Department of Curriculum & Instruction
EDUC 319 Curriculum Analysis
EDUC 321 Writing for Publication

School of Engineering and Computer Science
Department of Civil Engineering
CIVL 238 Industrial & Hazardous Waste Management
CIVL 275 Microbiology of Engineered Systems

Conservatory of Music
Music Composition Department
MCOM 194 Composition Senior Recital

School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Department of Pharmacy Practice
PRAC 136 Entrepreneurial Pharmacy Practice
PRAC 142 Basics and Structure of the Medicare Benefit
Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences Graduate Program
PCSP 254 Research Processes: Publications, Presentation, Grants and IRB
PCSP 256 Health Services Management and Finance
PCSP 258 Teaching and Evaluation of Learning and Competency
PCSP 265 Health Care Economics
PCSP 266 Pharmacoeconomics and Microeconomics/Managerial Economics for PHCOS Practitioners

E. Boyce requests to pull MCOM 194 from consent agenda.

Motion to approve consent agenda by E. Boyce, seconded by M. Draheim, unanimously approved.

Discussion on MCOM 194: Pass no credit course, but there is no criteria for grading. S. Waltz would like to discuss as the performance recitals are also going to be changed to a credit course. Recitals have always been a requirement, but not a credit course. Committee suggested the following guidelines for evaluation: organization, resources, type and number of pieces. This is being done in order to have recitals put on the transcript. Students can not graduate without doing a recital. This is a 0 unit class. Very impacted schedule, couldn't add units and recitals have always been done. Getting units with applied courses. If you fail, it doesn't affect GPA. Discussion on how many times course can be taken. State on syllabus that this is a 0 unit course. Include a brief statement of expectations of the student.

MCOM 194 tabled, Conservatory will take feedback and resubmit.

III. Program Changes
College of the Pacific
Department of Economics
BS Economics, concentration Mathematical Economics

Requiring ECON 160 instead of ECON 101L. ECON 160 used to be a requirement, however, because of lack of resources, it was replaced with ECON 101L.
Motion to approve by M. Draheim, A. Richard seconds, unanimously approved.
Discussion: Do we need an assessment plan? Item #6 on form in question: Do we need all of the information? It is not before us because there wasn't a change. Should this information be submitted or only if changes were made? We do know that the Economics department does have an assessment plan. Not submitted because the change is so minimal, one course, going back to the original plan. E. Boyce moved to amend the motion to approve proposal subject to receipt of the assessment plan, motion was withdrawn.

School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
BA in Applied Science

This program was approved in late 1990's, managed by university college (CPCE), provost said that we need faculty to oversee this program. This degree is offered to dental students who have enough GE units to meet the university GE requirements for a degree and when they graduate from the Dental Program they could ask for this degree. A BA is not required to begin the dental program, but it is required for post graduate programs.

Doctor of Pharmacy students could also benefit from this option. Expand program to include these students, as they graduate without a bachelor's degree. Changing number of units (decreasing). Oversight will be with the Pharmacy program.
Motion to approve by S. Waltz, M. Draheim seconds, motion unanimously approved.

IV. Forms Update
Mouchumi spoke with Ann Gillen about the forms which will be automated soon, so we don't want to spend a lot of time on revisions, just bringing back the same items from the last meeting in which this was discussed. Committee would like to discuss in order to be prepared for the on-line forms when computer program is ready for use.

Prior changes included adding Rationale and additional question #6.

Committee recommendations:
• Add a hard page break at the signature page so that all signatures are on one page.
• On #6 capitalize Pacific.
• Rationale should be pulled out and made a separate number.
• Item #6 needs explanation for faculty, needs to be defined, i.e. at least one significant graded assignment.
• Item #12 type of course need definitions/revisions, specifically lecture, discussion, and seminar. We don't have definitions yet, once we have them, we will need to provide a link to this question in the form. We can remove correspondence.
• Add new # 17 to the course revision form: Will other courses have changes to their pre-requisites because of this revision? If so, complete applicable forms.

V. Syllabus Required Elements - Revision

Committee agreed to the following:
• Add course subject code, course number, course name
• Add number of units of the course
• Add course description and place as number 1 (catalog copy)
• Add list of anticipated course topics or course schedule
• Move and revise student responsibilities, move after all major assignments and examinations, and revise to: Any other additional student responsibilities, if applicable.
• Statement on ADA accommodations
• Add to: A clear statement of the grading policy "and determination of final grade."

Motion to approve these changes by E. Boyce, seconded by S. Waltz, motion approved.

• Alignment of the course learning objectives to the academic program learning objectives and the University-wide learning objectives - (with a graphic) - Eric will work on this and bring a sample to the next meeting.
• Type of learning method(s) used in the course: lecture, lab, discussion, on-line, self-paced, experiential, etc.
• Indication that this course meets GE and/or diversity requirements

Decided against:
• Indication that this is an elective or required course
• Dates of approval/revision by the college, school and/or program
• Justification of the requested units to be assigned to the courses based on the definition(s) for what constitutes a credit hour relative to the expected learning activities to be performed by students.

M. Bhattacharyya would like to continue discussion at next meeting.

VI. What's on your mind?

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm