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April 6, 2006

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of April 6, 2006
McCaffrey Center, Spruce Conference Room

Present: Chris Goff, Gigi Gokcek, Berit Gundersen, Jean Purnell

Absent: Robert Coburn, Ken Day, Michael Golanbari, Mindy Kreitzman, Fred Muskal, Newman Peery, Jim Uchizono

Guests: Cecilia Rodriguez, Jie Lu
Chairperson Berit Gundersen opened the meeting with discussion on the information item Course Renumbering Practices.


Course Renumbering Practices
What is the Registrar’s Office going to do with numbers that are deleted? There is no policy in place at the university. Cecilia Rodriguez detailed a possible solution that could be adopted by the university in course renumbering. Other schools were examined to see how they were approaching the dilemma of course renumbering. Some of the schools examined have a 4 to 10 year retirement on the deleted course numbers. Seven years is a time frame that is being considered for Pacific. Every department at Pacific has their own numbering of courses.

If a course number is re-introduced soon after being deleted, that course number may correspond to two different courses listed on the transcript. It is possible that a student may have two courses listed and it may appear that one course was taken twice. Perhaps one course was taken during the freshman year and then another course in their junior year.

The issue of renumbering will be presented to the Council of Deans and other administrators. When a number is retired it will not be used for 7 years or whatever time is determined. An option may be to consider deactivating a course for some time. After a certain amount of time as passed, the course number may be reactivated or deleted. A data base could be created and maintained by the Registrar’s Office listing the deleted courses and a date when that number would be available to be used again. This information item has not been discussed before CAD or other groups. Timeline dates must be determined. A definition of deactivated vs. deleted was explained. When a particular number is not showing in the general catalog it would remain in Banner as being an inactive number. If the course number remained inactive for five years (or some defined length of time) then that number would become deleted.

A course that is taught every two years would not be affected by this practice.

B. Gundersen thanked Chris Goff and Fred Muskal (absent) for their attendance at the Research and Graduate Studies structure meeting with the Provost on Friday, March 31. It was a very informational meeting. Concerns were addressed by the Provost. The outcome of the meeting was that more planning is needed to occur before implementation.
Approval of Minutes
Motion: Chris Goff moved, Gigi Gokcek seconded to approve the March 2, 2006 minutes.
Motion unanimously approved.
Consent Agenda
Motion: Chris Goff moved, Gigi Gokcek seconded to review and approve the Consent Agenda as one item.
Motion unanimously approved.
Program Changes
Major: Japanese

Dr. Jie Lu provided information for the deletion of the Japanese major and both tracks [Language and Literature, and Japanese Studies]. The Japanese major is being deleted to combine Japanese and Chinese programs into one Asian Language and Studies major. Other universities use the approach of the Asian Language and Studies major to combine the Japanese and Chinese major. This will meet the students’ demand, and make use of the current faculty and existing courses. Dr. Lu will provide the committee with the statement of learning objectives, learning assessment plan, and details of what the program intends to develop. This will be presented to the committee at the May meeting.
Motion: Chris Goff moved, Gigi Gokcek seconded to approve deletion of the Japanese major.
Motion unanimously approved.

Major: Asian Language and Studies major
Motion: Chris Goff moved, Gigi Gokcek seconded to accept the Asian Language and Studies major.
Motion unanimously approved.

Berit Gundersen made a friendly amendment to have the revised syllabi reflecting the grading plan for CHIN 125, CHIN 126, and ASIA 130 sent to the committee.

Motion: Chris Goff moved, Gigi Gokcek seconded to accept the friendly amendment to the syllabi of the addition courses CHIN 125, CHIN 126, and ASIA 130.
Motion unanimously approved.

Motion: Chris Goff moved, Gigi Gokcek seconded to accept the revision of CHIN 120.
Motion unanimously approved.

Minor: Religious Studies
Motion: Gigi Gokcek moved, Chris Goff seconded to accept the revision of the minor in Religious Studies.
Motion unanimously approved.

Major: Computer Information Systems
Minor: Computer Information Systems
Motion: Chris Goff moved, Gigi Gokcek seconded to act on the deletion of the major and minor simultaneously.

The CIS major and minor are being deleted due to low enrollment in both programs, failure to obtain reaffirmation of ABET accreditation for the CIS programs, and other issues studied as part of program review. As a result of program review the President and the Board of Regents approved the termination.
Motion unanimously approved.


Program Review
The Mathematics panel has made progress in the review process but has not submitted a completed report. Randy Koper is chairperson of the English/Film Studies panel. The English/Film Studies report may be ready in the fall.

Clarification of Undergraduate Graduation with Honors Policy
The CAD has a question on The Graduating with Honors University-wide Policy (4/05). Do you have to have 54 units calculated by the end of the fall semester for your name to be included in the program or does that mean you would achieve 54 units by the time you graduate? In order to actually receive Honors at Pacific you must graduate with 54 minimum units with a GPA of 3.5. The policy was clarified to mean that a student must have a minimum of 36 letter grade units by the end of the fall term so that he/she could conceivably complete 54 units by the end of the spring term, in order for the name to be included in the commencement program. This policy and practice of determination which names are included in the program is effective immediately.


Proposal to Modify Course/Program Forms
Cecilia will attend the May meeting to discuss this item.

Meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.

Submitted by
Rosie Fox, Secretary
Academic Affairs Committee