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April 7, 2005

Academic Affairs Committee

Minutes of April 7, 2005

McCaffrey Center Spruce Room

Present: Vivian Snyder, Chris Goff, Amber Miller, Dave Keefe, Robert Coburn, Berit Gundersen, Joe King, Barbara Shaw (ex-officio), Phil Oppenheimer (ex-officio)

Absent: Mel Thomas, Dave Thomas, Jean Purnell

Guests: Douglas Tedards, Lou Matz, David Chase, Gene Pearson, Lorrie Knight, Robin Imhof, Francis Sharp, Xiaojing Zhou

Vivian Snyder, Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.

I.        Approval of Minutes

Motion: Chris Goff moved, Joe King seconded to approve the March 3, 2005 minutes.

Motion unanimously approved.

II.      Consent Agenda
Motion: Joe King moved, Chris Goff seconded to approve the Consent Agenda items.
Motion unanimously approved.

III.     Program Review

a. General Education
David Chase distributed an information sheet on the General Education Committee response to the review panel report recommendations. This document is a guide to point out few differences between the panel report and the GE Committee response. D. Chase pointed out that the review of the GE Program began in summer 2003 and before its completion there were a few personnel changes in the GE program administration.
In July 2004 the administrative group met and, as a result, the GE Committee approved the creation of ad-hoc subcommittees on the first-year experience, the Liberal Learning Paths, and Mentor Seminar III with the intent to provide specific recommendations to the GE Committee. The reports on the liberal learning paths and Mentor Seminar III were received by the GE Committee on February 25, 2005 and are under consideration.  
Lou Matz, a member of the first-year subcommittee and current Associate Dean, General Education, was present to describe the report of the ad-hoc committee on the first-year experience and the reaction of the GE Committee. A survey was distributed to the entire faculty requesting input on the first-year experience. There will be a re-focusing and the plan is to have this implemented in fall 2006. It is anticipated that advising will play a major role in the first-year experience of student placement in Mentor Seminars. Advisors will be provided with information for the Seminars with a focus on Mentor II. Discussion followed.
Motion: Newman Peery moved, Berit Gundersen seconded to approve the process followed by the General Education Program Review panel.  
Motion unanimously approved.
Lorrie Knight distributed a memo from the entire faculty of the University Library regarding information literacy standards for undergraduates. The Library faculty requested the endorsement by the AAC of the GE Program Review panel recommendation V.B.1.1 The Review Panel encourages the General Education Committee to explore the possibility of requiring all baccalaureate students to complete an upper-division course which requires students to further develop information retrieval and oral presentations skills first introduced in Mentor II. The request for endorsement is due to a reference written in the GE Committee response letter dated February 28, 2005 reading… affirms information literacy as a notion... The Library faculty endorses the Program Review panel report but does not endorse the written statement in the February 2005 GE response letter. Robin Imhof , Librarian, was present to substantiate the standpoint of the Library faculty. L. Knight offered a basis and justification for the request. Included in the Library memo is a listing of higher education institutional statements regarding information literacy. Discussion followed. The written statement in the GE Committee response letter continues to include… does not recommend a stand-alone course (V.B.1.1) .
Motion: Newman Peery moved, Berit Gundersen seconded to accept the recommendations of the General Education Program Review panel and express appreciation for the work done on the response of the General Education Committee.
Motion unanimously approved.

b. PharmD

Barbara West, panel chairperson, outlined the process used to obtain the information for the report. A brief meeting was held last week to adjust incorrect information on the report. A consultant was not utilized because the panel had access to recent accreditation reports. The accreditation process included the report of an outside consultant.
Motion: Newman Peery moved, Berit Gundersen seconded to accept the process used by the PharmD panel.
Motion unanimously approved.
A response letter from Dean Oppenheimer was distributed. Dean Oppenheimer offered information on the faculty salary augmentation, operational budgets, personnel augmentation, advantage program and student scholarships. The Dean urged consideration of the recommendations. Discussion followed on the Dean’s presentation. There was further discussion on the focus of program review and its objective.
Motion: Joe King moved, Dave Keefe seconded to endorse the recommendations of the Pharm D Program.
Motion passed with 1 abstention.

IV.      Program Changes

           Modern Languages and Literature

           Dr. Sharp was present to discuss the catalog change to the Major: German. The changes reflect the

           teaching and managing of both the Major and Minor by the remaining faculty.   

Motion: Joe King moved, Dave Keefe seconded to approve the revision to the Major: German catalog description.
Motion unanimously approved.
Motion: Amber Miller moved, Chris Goff seconded to approve the revision of GERM 106.
Motion unanimously approved.


          Minor: Ethnic Studies

Dr. Zhou requested a revision to the program’s catalog description. This change would result in a more concise, flexible, and inclusive description. Requirements for the Minor would be revised to reflect the following; removal of the three categories, three instead of two ETHN courses can count toward the Minor before ETHN 11 is completed, and the reduction of three upper-division courses to two.

Motion: Chris Goff moved, Dave Keefe seconded to approve the revision of the Minor in Ethnic Studies.

Motion unanimously approved.

V.      Standards for On-Line Courses

A panel is being formed by Barbara Shaw with representation across the University. Many institutions do not have a separate on-line policy. Some schools are requiring a number of units from on-line courses. The panel will focus on seven schools from our Comparison Schools list. The panel will convene prior to the end of the school year. B. Shaw is currently gathering information. Chris Goff will represent the AAC.

VI.     Standardized Course Numbering System

The one-page Course Numbering System will be forwarded to Cecilia Rodriguez, Registrar, with a cover letter requesting that consideration be given to including the information in the General Catalog.

          Motion: Chris Goff moved, Joe King seconded to endorse the Standardized Course Numbering

          Motion unanimously approved.
VII.    Nomination of the Chairperson for 2005-2006
Berit Gunderson was nominated to serve as chairperson of the Academic Affairs Committee for 2005-2006.
           Motion: Newman Peery moved, Dave Keefe seconded to endorse the election of Berit Gundersen.
           Motion unanimously approved.

VIII.   Adjournment

           Meeting adjourned at 5:45 p.m.




Submitted by

Rosie Fox, Secretary

Academic Affairs Committee