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December 1, 2011

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of December 1, 2011
DeRosa University Center 211A/B


Present: M. Battacharyya, A. Boboc, E. Boyce, A. Brown, A. Dinh, M. Draheim, B. Gundersen, V. Johl,
A. Richard, E. Typpo, S. Waltz,
Ex-Officio: L. Matz
Not Present: B. Jasti, G. Rohlf, M. Smith
Guest: T. Roberts-Camps

Call to Order: 3:06 pm

Chair welcomed 3 new members: ASuop graduate student Vinny Johl, ASuop professional school student
Antoinette Dinh, and School of Engineering representative Ash Brown.

I. Approval of Minutes for November 3, 2011
M. Draheim moved to approve, A. Boboc seconded, minutes approved.

II. Program Changes
College of the Pacific
Department of Modern Language and Literature
Cultura y Civilización
Hispanic Language and Literature
Spanish Pedagogy

Guest Traci Roberts-Camps from Department of Modern Languages and Literature spoke about the request for program changes.

Requesting removal of prerequisites from most of the upper division courses because many overrides are required since students aren't able to take courses in the order originally planned. And they have found that Spanish heritage speakers vs. non-heritage speakers, one needs conversational and the other needs grammar. They want to have parallel courses so that students' needs are better met.

Deletion of SPAN 140 Translation because it hasn't been taught in a while, this is more of a graduate level course and they need to hire someone to teach and the resources aren't available. Deletion of SPAN 120 is being taken care of with the addition of SPAN 134. Deleting the Capstone course because students are required to write papers in English and they need more experience in the target language and this isn't helping them meet their program goals.

Spanish 135 a minor focus change to one literary movement called the "boom" versus entire 20th century. This is better reflective of what is required at the master's level. The Addition of SPAN 132 and SPAN 134 will also help with exposure to literature on the master's reading list. Having these 3 courses will give students more flexibility to take the courses.

Committee members addressed issues: with the changes made...have course objectives been revised? Have these changes been reflected in the course syllabi? In the future the program change proposals will require the program assessment plan to be submitted. There is concern over removing pre-requisites for upper division courses: Traci responded that all course information is in the target language, so students know the level of the courses, and most students are led into these courses via advising. There are a small number of students that take these courses and there is advising in place. Traci will leave the prior pre-requisites in the catalog copy, and is changing the wording from "required" to "recommended." Non-majors do take these courses, but not often. They have had SIS students and native speakers take some of these courses. Some students are looking for an elective to meet a requirement. Perhaps require "major status" to take the course, to address the issue of advising. There is also a placement test that needs to be taken to get into any language course at Pacific. From a student perspective, if they are taking up to 4 upper division courses, they need to get overrides for all of the courses. Berit has concern for non-majors, communicating that they will have to take the language placement test prior to taking the course.

Issue on language in proposal: Certificate on page 2 of program proposals for #5 should not be there.

E. Boyce moved to approve program changes, B. Gundersen seconded, unanimously approved.

III. Consent
College of the Pacific
Department of History
HIST 125 Early America: From Settlement to New Nation
HIST 121 Colonial America
HIST 122 Revolution and New Nation
Department of Modern Language and Literature
SPAN 132 Literatura Española
SPAN 134 Literatura latinoamericana
LANG 195 MLL Capstone Seminar
SPAN 120 Narrativa Hispanica
SPAN 140 Traducción
SPAN 101 Composición avanzada (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 103 Introducción a la literatura hispánica (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 110 Civilización hispanoamericana (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 112 Civilización Española (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 114 Cine hispano/Hispanic Film (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 122 Literatura mexicana (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 124 Escritores hispanos en los Estados Unidos (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 126 Poesía hispánica (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 128 Teatro hispánico (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 133 Don Quijote (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 135 Literatura hispanoamericana del siglo XX (Title and prerequisite change)
Department of Psychology
PSYC 152 Parenting
PSYC 285e Behavior Analysis Internship I (P/NC grading only)
PSYC 285f Behavior Analysis Internship II (P/NC grading only)
PSYC 297 Graduate Research (P/NC grading only)

School of Engineering and Computer Science
ECPE 170 Computer Systems and Networks (change in prerequisites)

School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
PHYP 113 Teaching Anatomy, Physiology & Pathophysiology Laboratory (title and prerequisite change)

Motion to remove SPAN 101 through SPAN 135 from consent agenda by E. Boyce, B. Gundersen, seconded, unanimously approved. (Due to concern over no pre-requisites required)

Motion to remove PSYC 152 from consent agenda by M. Draheim, S. Waltz seconded, approved with one abstention. (Due to need to add pre-requisite of sophomore standing)

Motion to remove ECPE 170 from consent agenda by S. Waltz, E. Boyce seconded, unanimously approved. (Due to pre-requisite not being on the catalog copy)

S. Waltz moved to approve remaining items on consent agenda, E. Boyce seconded, unanimously approved.

Discussion on SPAN 101-135: Change catalog copy to: non-major must take language placement test and have a particular score. Continue to recommend, not require 101 and 103 within the major. E. Boyce motions, A. Richard seconds, unanimously approved.

Discussion on PSYC 152: No pre-requisite on form, add "sophomore standing" as pre-requisite. M. Draheim motions, E. Boyce seconds, unanimously approved.

Discussion on ECPE 170: S. Waltz motions to add pre-requisite of c- to catalog copy, E. Boyce seconds, unanimously approved.

IV. Revision to new forms (Request for Rationale)
New Course Proposal Form
Revision to Existing Course Proposal Form

Our new forms don't have a place where they ask for a rationale, but at the pre-agenda meetings, Berit and Mouchumi go back to the requestor and ask for it. Suggestion to add it after number 1: Request for a brief rationale for new course.

Add after rationale: How does this course meet program level outcomes? And does this course meet any of the University-wide objectives? (have list of objectives with checkboxes)

Mouchumi, Berit and Eric Typpo will work on changes and bring back to this committee for new course proposal.

For Revision to Existing Course Proposal form, ask for rationale for the change after number 1.

V. January Meeting Date
January 19th will be the meeting date.

VI. What's on your mind?

Discussion on when academic affairs forms need to go to the library for signature. There is still confusion about when this is required. Revisions should only be sent if there is an impact to the library because of the revision. The Registrar's office is currently sending all forms to the library for signature, whether or not the box is marked. All the required signatures are slowing down the process. Goal is to automate this process electronically.

A suggestion was made to invite the Dean of the Library to a future meeting for clarification.

Christie Wilson, physical therapy, had issue with course deletion showing up on the schedule after AA committee signed off on the course deletion. She stated that there was not a course deletion effective date on the course deletion form. Currently the deletions are deleted for the next academic year. Suggestion to state course will be deleted for next academic year, unless otherwise indicated.

Lou Matz brought up issue about course fees. Who has the authority to approve course fees? Per Berit there is a process through finance and that approval form should be attached to the proposal that comes to Academic Affairs.

Sarah Waltz brought up a forthcoming issue from the Conservatory. There is going to be a new method for handling recitals, and making them a Pass/No Credit course, with a course fee. There may be issues raised on how to complete the new course proposal forms.

Meeting Adjourned at 5:04.