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December 4, 2008

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of December 4, 2008
University Center, 211

Call to Order: 3:14 pm

Present: Batto, Boboc, Gundersen, Khoie, McCallum, Phillips, Wilson, Wheeler
Not Present: Au, Go, Jasti, Juarez, MacArthur
Ex-Officio: Peggy Rosson, Cecilia Rodriguez, Edie Sparks
Guests: Laura Bathurst, Susan Giraldez, Mark Welsh

I. Minutes: Minutes of November 6, 2008 were approved as submitted.
N. Batto moved, C. Wilson seconded, approved unanimously.

II. Consent

School of Engineering and Computer Science
BENG108 Engineering Physiology

COMP178 Computer Security
ECPE041 Electric Circuits
ECPE041L Electric Circuits Laboratory
ECPE131 Intro to Integrated Circuits
ECPE131L Intro to Integrated Circuits Laboratory
ECPE132 Analog Circuits Design
ECPE162 Communication Systems
ECPE163 Energy Conversion
ECPE173 Computer Organization
ECPE174 Advanced Digital Design
ECPE178 Computer Security

ECPE176 Computer Architecture
N. Batto moved, S. Wheeler seconded, approved unanimously.

III. Program Changes

School of International Studies
Inter-American Professionals Certificate Program
INTL152 Inter-American Cross Cultural

Susan Giraldez and Laura Bathurst gave a brief discussion on the new Inter-American Professionals Certificate Program proposal; the item will be listed for action at the February meeting.
R. Khoie moved, N. Batto seconded to approve INTL152, approved unanimously.

IV. Term Code Report from the Task Force
Mark Welsh, Office of Enrollment, presented a term code report. A term code is a time frame of dates of semesters. Creating templates would help oversee any problems that may arise ie: student's registration. It may also help the units map out new program proposals. Currently there are 12 term codes in banner, five for the Stockton campus, three for the PHS school, 3 for the law school and one for the dental school. Their findings were to not reduce or compact our current term codes.

V. Calendar
Last month during Academic Council's meeting the calendar was not approved. The committee was thanked for all their hard work, and for their work ahead in adjusting the calendar for Fall2010. The committee decided to include the following, "Academic Affairs is approving with the expectation that the Fall 2010 calendar will be ready for adoption in May 2009, for implementation Fall 2010.", to the Academic Calendar. The Calendar will be forwarded to Academic Council next week.
R. Khoie moved, C. Wilson seconded to approve the current Academic Calendar; 7 approved, 1 abstention.

VI. Chair-elect

VII. Adjournment