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February 2, 2006

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of February 2, 2006
McCaffrey Center, Spruce Conference Room

Present: Robert Coburn, Ken Day, Chris Goff, Gigi Gokcek, Berit Gundersen, Fred Muskal, Newman Peery, Jean Purnell

Absent: Michael Golanbari, Amber Padilla, Jim Uchizono

Guests: Ken Albala, Jie Lu, Lou Matz, Tracy Roberts-Camps, Doug Tedards

Chairperson Berit Gundersen opened the meeting at 3:07 p.m and welcomed the members / guests to the first meeting of the year.


Approval of Minutes
Motion: Fred Muskal moved, Chris Goff seconded to approve the December 2, 2005 minutes.
Motion unanimously approved.



General Education
Lou Matz, Associate Dean of General Education, was available to answer committee questions. In November 2005 the AAC approved the content change for Mentor Seminar’s I, II, and III. The revision forms submitted in February were to approve the program title and subject code to Pacific Seminar (PACS 001, 002, 003). A revision form will be submitted to the committee for a change in the existing unit value of Seminar 003 from 3 units to 4 units effective in 2007-08.
Motion: Fred Muskal moved, Newman Peery seconded to accept as presented all three program title changes.
Motion unanimously approved.



Consent Agenda
Motion: Chris Goff moved, Fred Muskal seconded to approve the Consent Agenda items.
J. Purnell stated that a large number of revised syllabi were submitted to include course objectives and learning objectives.
Motion unanimously approved.


Program Changes
The College
Modern Language and Literature
German Major, Minor

Low enrollment over the past 8-10 years has prompted the department to delete the German Major and Minor in fall 2006. Jie Lu and Tracy Roberts-Camps were present to provide details. The department will keep advanced German courses for the next two to three years to benefit the few students currently acquiring a German Major. Introductory-level German classes will be maintained.
Motion: Newman Peery moved, Ken Day seconded to accept the deletion of the German Major, Minor.
Motion unanimously approved.


Theatre Arts, Major
Motion: Ken Day moved, Fred Muskal seconded to approve the revision of the Theatre Arts Major.
Motion approved with 1 abstention.



Program Review
History – Special Review

The Report of the History Department addressed one of three issues raised in the President’s Decision on the 2001-02 Review: Curriculum Revision. In addition, Department Chairperson Ken Albala provided an update on the other two issues: assessment and alumni relations. The department has identified four primary goals every graduating major should have mastered by the senior year: research skills, critical thinking, oral presentation, and writing skills. Research projects at every level have been implemented. Assessment of the learning outcomes is done in the capstone. The department is reconnecting with alumni through an alumni newsletter targeted to graduates over the past 15 years and an alumni page on the departmental website. The Pacific History Society will launch a history journal reviewed and edited by students.
J. Purnell and other committee members suggested options to consider for assessing student work in the capstone seminar. B. Gundersen will reconvene the panel to consider the progress on assessment and make final recommendations regarding the Special Review.

English / Film Studies
Qingwen Dong will replace Susan Giraldez on the panel. Frankeda Moore, student representative has agreed to participate on the panel.

Henry Zhang is the student representative for the Mathematics panel.
Motion: Gigi Gokcek moved, Fred Muskal seconded to add Henry Zhang to the Mathematics panel.
Motion unanimously approved.

Guideline Revisions
The group will convene in February and the discussion will be shared at the March meeting [Berit Gundersen, David Chase, Louise Stark, Robert Cox, and Ron Hoverstad].

Proposal for position of Vice Provost for Research, Graduate Studies & Collaborative program, and restructured office.
A meeting time bringing the commission on Graduate Studies, Academic Affairs Committee, and other interested faculty together for discussion with the Provost has not been scheduled. Discussion will be shared with the AAC. Committee concerns will be addressed.



Revision of Policy on Minors

Doug Tedards, CAD’s member [Council of Assistant/Associate Deans], shared that CAD supports the revision of the Policy on Minors. The College offers 30+ minors. J. Purnell gave the history of the Policy on Minors that was adopted in 1985 and the current revision dated 2005. The policy is being revised to resolve the problems with double-counting of units.
Action item Tabled to receive more information from K. Day who is a member of the College Council, which will meet in February to review the policy. K. Day will bring back more information at the March meeting.



Proposed Policy on Academic Dishonesty
Motion: Chris Goff moved, Gigi Gokcek seconded to approve the proposed policy on academic dishonesty.

Students who violate the honor code may go through Judicial Affairs. This policy will close the loophole that currently exists that allows a student who violates the honor code to drop the course prior to the drop date. There needs to be communication between the instructor and the Director of Judicial Affairs.
December 8, 2005 draft, Item 1 to be amended to read:
A student who is found violating the academic honesty policy by a university judicial hearing (i.e.: cheating or knowingly plagiarizing) in a course will may be prevented from dropping the course even if the deadline to drop has not expired.
Motion unanimously approved.



Meeting adjourned at 5:10 p.m.

Submitted by
Rosie Fox, Secretary