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February 5, 2009

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of February 5th, 2009
University Center, 211

Call to Order: 3:11pm

Present: Batto, Boboc, Gundersen, Jasti, Khoie, McCallum, Wilson
Not Present: Au, Go, Juarez, MacArthur, Phillips, Wheeler
Ex-Officio: Peggy Rosson, Cecilia Rodriguez, Edie Sparks
Guests: Diane Borden, Jim Hetrick, Susan Giraldez, Linda Webster

I. Minutes: Minutes of December 4, 2008 were approved as submitted.
C. Wilson moved, N, Batto seconded, approved unanimously.

II. Consent

College of the Pacific
CHEM025 General Chemistry
CHEM027 General Chemistry
CHEM169 Elements of Physical Chemistry
A. Boboc moved, B. Jasti seconded, approved unanimously.

ENGL63 Masterpieces of World Literature
ENGL115 Screenwriting I
ENGL117 Film Production I
ENGL126 Literature and the Environment
ENGL128 Science and Literature
ENGL130 Chaucer and His Age
ENGL134 Jane Austen
ENGL166 Literature and Law
ENGL181 English Language I
ENGL182 English Language II
N. Batto moved, B. Jasti seconded, approved unanimously.

PHYS137 Mathematical Physics
PHYS199 Senior Thesis
PHYS141 Astrophysics

Political Science
POLS104 Urban Government
POLS114 Interest Group Politics

PSYC160/260 Behavior Analysis in Organizations

Visual Arts
ARTS95 Computer Graphic Design II
ARTS101 History of Graphic Design
ARTS133 Three Dimensional Studio I
R. Khoie moved, C. Wilson seconded, approved the remaining consent agenda (Physics thru Visual Arts) unanimously.

Benerd School of Education
EDUC141 Transformational Teaching and Learning Practicum
EDUC160 Productive Learning Environments for Diverse Classrooms
EDUC167 Understanding Adolescents in School Contexts
CURR10 Dean's Seminar
CURR105X Introduction to Education
CURR115 Introduction to Language
CURR121 First and Second Language Acquisition
CURR127 ESL Theory and Practice
CURR129 Introduction to Bilingual Education
CURR130X Teaching and Assessment
CURR132X Teaching Service (MS)
CURR133X Teaching Mathematics (MS)
CURR134X Educational Computing
CURR135X Teaching Reading/Language Arts (Multiple Subjects)
CURR136X Literacy Assessment
CURR137X Teaching English Language Learners
CURR141 Children's Literature
CURR145 Visual Arts in Education
CURR158X Directed Teaching
CURR175 Reading/Language Arts Development
CURR178a Directed Teaching Music
CURR179X Teaching in the Content Areas
CURR195X Directed Teaching Seminar
CURR131X Teaching Social Studies (MS)
CURR158B Directed Teaching: Multiple Subject Specific Assignment
CURR158C Directed Teaching: Multiple Subject BCLAD
CURR158J Directed Teaching: Multiple Subject & Single Subject
CURR178B Directed Teaching: Single Subject Specific
CURR178X Directed Teaching: Single Subject 2042
EPSY322a Applied Human Development I
EPSY322b Applied Human Development II
R. Khoie moved, B. Jasti seconded, approved unanimously.

Conservatory of Music
MMGT160 Recording Studio Production
MPER068 Orchestral Repertoire and Audition Techniques
MMGT140 Music Products Management

School of Engineering and Computer Science
EMGT174 Engineering Project Management

School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
SLPA151 Behavior Modification for SLPs
SLPA051 Introduction to Speech-Language Pathology
SLPA141 Research Methods- Speech-Language Pathology
SLPA149 Organic Disorders
SLPA223 Counseling for SLP's
SLPA235 Gerontology
R. Khoie moved, to approve the remaining consent agenda (Conservatory of Music thru School of Pharmacy) B. Jasti seconded, approved unanimously.

PHRM160 Practice-Based Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience
PHYP114 Teaching Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory II
PHYP130 Science Education Experiences
PMED121 Professional Communications & Interviewing
PMED129 Dynamics of Student Leadership
PMED143 Facilitating Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry Lab Sessions
PRAC130 Practice of Pharmacy - A Multicultural & International Approach
PRAC131 Managed Care - Formulary Management
PRAC143 Health Care Outreach Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences - Medicare Part D
PRAC147 Pharmaceutical Care in Chronic Conditions
PRAC164 Applied Therapeutics & Managed Care
Tabled at February 5th, 2009 meeting.
B. Jasti moved, to approve PHRM160 thru PRAC16, R. Khoie seconded, approved unanimously via email.

III. Program Changes

Powell Scholar Program
SERV010 Powell Leadership Seminar
B. Jasti, R. Khoie seconded, 4 approved, 1 opposed, 2 abstentions.

College of the Pacific

BS Medicinal Chemistry
BS Chemistry
BS Biochemistry
BS Chemistry-Biology
B. Jasti, R. Khoie seconded, 4 approved, 1 opposed, 2 abstentions.

BA English

C. Wilson moved, N. Batto seconded, approved unanimously.

Ethnic Studies
Ethnic Studies Minor
N. Batto moved, C. Wilson seconded, approved unanimously.

BS in Physics (Computational Physics Track)
BS in Physics (Astrophysics Track)
BS in Physics (Mathematical Physics Track)
BS in Physics (General)
B. Jasti moved, A. Boboc seconded, approved unanimously.

Benerd School of Education
Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology (w/ a concentration in School Psychology)
R. Khoie moved, C. Wilson seconded, approved unanimously.

Conservatory of Music
BMus in Music Composition
C. Wilson moved, A. Boboc seconded, approved unanimously.

School of International Studies
Inter-American Certificate
B. Jasti moved, M. McCallum seconded, approved unanimously.

School of Pharmacy and Health Science
BS Speech Language-Pathology
R. Khoie moved, C. Wilson seconded, approved unanimously.

IV. WASC Team 3

V. Undergraduate Posthumous Degree Policy
Cecilia Rodriguez presented a policy for approval, at present there is no undergraduate posthumous degree policy in the faculty handbook. Language from the current graduate policy was used for the undergraduate excluding the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies. Questions about abusing the policy were discussed, but there are several recommendations made before the Provost makes the final decision.
M. McCallum moved, R. Khoie seconded, approved unanimously.

VI Calendar
As part of a request from Academic Council last December, a report was compiled from all divisions in regards to changing the academic calendar. The report included positive feedback from the Registrar's Office and Housing. The proposed changes would satisfy WASC and financial aid requirements. There are also concerns to shortening the calendar; Athletics have concerns regarding, food and housing for their students during the longer breaks, Housing would need to make increases to living space, other inputs from Dinning, Business Office, the Conservatory, School of Engineering were reported. The report will also be presented at Academic Council next week.

VII. Adjourned at 5:48pm