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January 16, 2014

Academic Affairs Committee
DUC 211 A/B
3:00 - 5:00 PM


Present: A. Brown, M. Draheim, L. Fox, A. Gillen, J. Haffner, Y. Kim, M. Lee, L. Matz, G. Rohlf, J. Miles, L. Shing, J. Uchizono
Guest: M. Faul
Not Present: E. Anders, M. Park

Call to order at 3:02 pm

I. Program Changes
College of the Pacific
Department of Modern Language & Literature
Minor in Russian Area Studies

Due to the pending retirement of the current instructor, Russian will no longer be able to be offered at Pacific. This is being deleted in advance of the instructor's departure so that incoming students are aware of the change. What will happen if this committee doesn't approve the deletion of this minor? The unit will probably just respond that there isn't anyone to teach the courses. Spanish, French, Japanese and Chinese will be the languages that will continue to be offered at Pacific. Is this a curricular department decision or were they told by administration that the adjunct line would no longer be funded? Is it a strategic decision? Was this an administrative decision to reallocate that teaching line? The questions will be forwarded to the department chair, Susan Giraldez.
J. Haffner moves to table, L. Fox seconds, issue tabled.

School of International Studies
BA in Global Studies (change of upper division electives)

One sentence change.
L. Fox moves to approve, A. Brown seconds, approved unanimously.

School of Engineering & Computer Science
Minor in International Engineering

This minor is being deleted due to lack of interest from students.
A. Brown moves to approve, M. Draheim seconds, approved unanimously.

II. Consent
Minutes - December 5, 2013

Course Changes -
College of the Pacific
Department of Modern Language & Literature
GERM 23 Third Semester German Through Culture
GERM 25 Fourth Semester German Through Culture
Department of Psychology
PSYC 262 Ethical Behavior
PSYC 278 Controversial Treatments in Applied Settings

School of Engineering & Computer Science
SERV 003 Leadership I (change in units)
SERV 004 Leadership II (change in units)
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECPE 141 Advanced Circuits
ECPE 132 Advanced Electronics
ECPE 151 Artificial Intelligence
ECPE 153 Computer Graphics

The following proposals are being pulled from the consent agenda for discussion:
GERM 23 and GERM 25 by J. Haffner.
SERV 003 and SERV 004 by M. Lee.

J. Uchizono moves to approve the remaining consent agenda, A. Brown seconds, approved unanimously.

Discussion on GERM 23 and GERM 25 -
The Conservatory representative has concerns about the deletion of second year German because one year of German or French is required by their accrediting body since Pacific doesn't offer Italian. They are concerned that the first year courses will be eliminated in the future and their students will only have French. However, they cannot guarantee enrollment in the 2nd year courses. The trend of eliminating language courses is a concern. Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and French will continue to be offered.

Pacific (Pallavicini, Cox, Goff) received a letter dated 1.15.13 from Phi Beta Kappa expressing concerns about the Humanities offerings at Pacific.

M. Draheim moves to approve the deletion of these two courses, A. Brown seconds. Draheim and Brown withdraw motion.

Any action on the part of this committee could be symbolic, but the committee would like Chair Rohlf to forward to Dean Fraden the committees' questions, concerns and ask for clarification. What is the budget rationale, since hiring adjuncts is not cost prohibitive. Also, is teaching German and Russian passé at this time? What is the future impact of not offering the course?

GERM 23 and GERM 25 are tabled to have chair Rohlf communicate concerns and obtain additional information.

Discussion on SERV3, SERV4 -
Item pulled for discussion due to lack of a grading scale on the syllabus. This is a pass/no credit course so a grading scale is not required.

M. Lee moves to approve, A. Brown seconds, motion approved unanimously.

III. Program Change Process - Ann Gillen & Michelle Faul
Ann Gillen introduced Michelle Faul as the degree audit and catalog lead who is finalizing the courseleaf project.

When the AAC Forms were revised in 2011 for Program Changes, the language a major revision is one involving the smaller of: a) more than 1/3 of the courses required for the program or b) 4 or more total courses, or re-conceputalizing the purpose of the course was removed from the form. The question now is, what constitutes a program change that requires completion of the Changes to Existing Program Proposal form? Past practice by the registrar is that she has allowed minor changes to be made without completing a program change form. We need to establish a policy and communicate it.

When the online system is brought forward, we will need to define the new process. It is suggested that a subcommittee work with Ann Gillen and Michelle Faul to prepare a "conditions list" which will identify what types of changes can be made without full completion of the form. This list can be used for the automated process.

Discussion on how to distribute information and notify units of new courses: Perhaps send the approval log to curriculum committee and department chairs. We could also have L. Reyes' position send a transmittal memo to the schools with the outcomes of the monthly meetings. A request was made for faculty advisors to be able to view a tab on insidePacific that identifies new courses.

Program changes should be submitted if curricular outcomes or learning objectives for the program are being altered.

M. Faul will review changes for the past three years of program and catalog changes. Units will continue to be able to make minor catalog changes, but not substantial revisions at the discretion of the Office of the Registrar. Lou Matz and Greg Rohlf will work with A. Gillen and M. Faul after February.

IV. IEC Update - Greg Rohlf
Agenda item tabled due to unavailability of IEC members.

V. What's on your mind?
All Academic Affairs Committee members have been invited to be a part of the Comprehensive Academic Review Team (CART) by the Provost. Berit Gundersen and Cyd Jenefsky are the leads for this project in the Office of the Provost.

Update on HHUM 051 and the Health & Humanities Minor new program proposal. The program proposal has been held up because the COP Dean and the Provost has questions and they have tasked L. Matz with researching the program proposal.

Adjournment @ 4:45 pm