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January 19, 2012

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of January 19, 2012
DeRosa University Center 211A/B

Present: M. Battacharyya, A. Boboc, E. Boyce, A. Brown, A. Dinh, M. Draheim, B. Gundersen, E. Typpo,
S. Waltz
Ex-Officio: A. Gillen, P. Rosson
Not Present: B. Jasti, A. Richard, M. Smith, V. Johl
Guests: Silvio Rodriguez, Pete Schroeder, Mike Doherty, Holly Trexler, Gene Pearson, Bob Hanyak, Brittany Lloyd, Susan Giraldez

Call to order: 3:04 pm

I. Approval of Minutes
December 1, 2011
E. Boyce moved to approve, S. Waltz seconded, minutes approved.

II. Program Changes
College of the Pacific
Department of Chemistry
Bachelor of Science Major in Biochemistry
Bachelor of Arts Major in Chemistry
Bachelor of Science Major in Chemistry
Bachelor of Science Major in Chemistry, Concentration in Medicinal Chemistry
Bachelor of Science Major in Chemistry-Biology
Minor in Chemistry

Silvio Rodriguez from Department of Chemistry was present to discuss changes, increasing by one course the number of electives for each of the programs. This does not increase the number of units needed, but it provides more flexibility for students. Now able to offer Kinetics, Physical Chemistry CHEM 165.

E. Boyce moved to approve department of chemistry program changes, M. Draheim seconded, unanimously approved.

Department of Sport Sciences
Sport Medicine
Sport Sciences

Pete Schroeder from Department of Sport Sciences was present to discuss name change and program changes. Change department name to Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences per agreement and vote from department faculty.

S. Waltz moved to approve both program change proposals, A. Boboc seconded, after discussion and concern about department name change, motion was withdrawn.

S. Waltz moved to approve name change for concentration from Sport Medicine to Health and Exercise Science, A. Boboc seconded, unanimously approved.

G. Rohlf moved to approve department name change from Sport Sciences (SPTS) to Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences (HESS), A. Brown seconded, motion passed with 2 abstentions.

School of Engineering and Computer Science
Computer Science Department
Computer Science

Mike Doherty from Computer Science Department was present to discuss issues regarding proposal. As a result of discussions with their Industrial Advisory Board and others, it was recommended that the 4 courses from the Theoretical Foundations concentration become core courses, as opposed to electives for other concentrations. Additionally, they are reducing the number of concentrations from six to three and deleting 2 redundant courses. They feel these changes will assist with reaccreditation as well. Concentrations being deleted are: Theoretical Foundations, Information Systems (similar to Software Engineering), Computational Modeling (similar to Simulation Modeling). They are also changing the name of the Games and Simulation concentration to Graphics and Simulations.

Students can opt for more than one concentration, but only one goes on the official transcript.

After discussion on new number of units required for core and concentration, errors were found on forms submitted. Ann Gillen requested that corrections be made and added to proposal. COMP 47 and COMP 147 are math core courses, not computer science core courses and the correct number of core units is 37 units and concentration units are now 17 units.

E. Typpo moved to conditionally approve proposal, subject to submitting accurate forms, E. Boyce seconded, motion approved with one abstention.

III. Consent
College of the Pacific
Department of Chemistry
CHEM 121, 123 Organic Chemistry (change in course description in University Catalog)
CHEM 141 Analytical Chemistry (change in pre-requisites and course description in University Catalog)
CHEM 151 Biochemistry I (change in course description in University Catalog)
CHEM 153 Biochemistry II (change in course description in University Catalog)
CHEM 157 Biochemistry Laboratory (change in pre-requisites and course description in University Catalog)
CHEM 159 Biophysical Chemistry (change in course description in University Catalog)
CHEM 161 Physical Chemistry I - Thermodynamics (change in pre-requisites, change in course title)
CHEM 163 Physical Chemistry II - Quantum Mechanics (change in pre-requisites)
CHEM 165 Physical Chemistry III - Kinetics (change in course description in University Catalog)
CHEM 171 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (change in course description in University Catalog)
Department of Communication
COMM 25 Introduction to Communication
COMM 134 Documentary Film Production
COMM 150 Ethical Issues in Communication (course title change)
Department of History
HIST 119 History Goes to Hollywood (addition of course to film studies major)

Department of Mathematics
MATH 52 A Calculus Companion

School of Engineering and Computer Science
BENG 124 Biomechanics (change in pre-requisite)
Computer Science
COMP 127 Web Applications (change in pre-requisite)
COMP 137 Parallel Computing (change in pre-requisite)
COMP 141 Programming Languages (change in pre-requisite)
Electrical & Computer Engineering
ECPE 126 Digital Signal Processing
ECPE 135 Power Electronics (change in pre-requisites)
Mechanical Engineering
MECH 100 Manufacturing Processes (change in pre-requisite)
MECH 120 Machine Design and Analysis I (change in pre-requisite)

Conservatory of Music
Music Management
MMGT 160 Recording Studio Production (Increasing pre-requisite to "b" or better; or permission of instructor)

Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Pharmacy Practice
PRAC 132 Introduction to Travel Medicine

Eric Boyce stated that he is pleased with the new forms and how much easier it is to see what changes are being made. Also, the library dean is still signing all forms, and this committee already decided that not all proposals require her signature. Ann Gillen stated that she was not aware of this change, and asked if there is a list stating when her signature is required? Should be in the minutes from discussion last spring when forms were being revised. Discussion on if n/a is on line or box is checked. New forms have "if applicable" next to names, as not all signatures are required in all cases. Dean may be invited to attend a future meeting.

E. Boyce moved to approve consent agenda, E. Typpo seconded, motion unanimously approved.

S. Waltz brought up issue regarding COMM 25 as there was no email request attached to forms from registrar's office regarding use of course number.
E. Boyce moved to conditionally approve COMM25 and request e-mail then forward to Registrar's office, S. Waltz seconded, motion unanimously approved.

IV. Athletics Department Priority Registration Report - Holly Trexler
Guests: Holly Trexler, Associate Athletics Director; Gene Pearson, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Chair of Athletics Advisory Board; Bob Hanyak, Faculty Athletics Representative; Brittany Lloyd, Women's Water Polo student athlete and president of Student Athletic Advisory Committee.

Holly presented her report on the 2 year pilot of athletics department priority registration. So far, the 2 year pilot is a success - documents presented and discussed are attached to the minutes.

H. Trexler presented overview of report: Student Athletes are allowed to register 30 minutes prior to other students based on class standing, Freshmen athletes register prior to all freshman, but not before sophomores, juniors or seniors, and so on. There are between 275-300 student athletes. Students with disabilities also have priority registration at Pacific. All Big West and West Coast Conference Schools offer priority registration for student athletes.

V. Athletics Department Priority Registration - Holly Trexler
Request for Continuation of Athletics Priority Registration

M. Draheim moved to approve the continuation of priority registration for student-athletes as established by the two year pilot program, G. Rohlf seconded, motion passed with 2 abstentions.

S. Waltz has a concern with conservatory students who also have specific times of rehearsals, teams, and have difficult time obtaining courses. Many student athletes are required to stay at the university longer in order to obtain all courses required for graduation.

VI. Academic Calendar - Ann Gillen

Tabled, Ann Gillen not available, action to be taken at next meeting.

Discussion on pending issue with Pacific Day in Spring 2013 for Conservatory. S. Waltz stated that Pacific Day creates an additional 3 day weekend near the end of the semester when they are unable to schedule final required curricular events, recitals, ensemble performances, orchestra, choir, etc. Requesting that the day be shifted, hopefully to the day before/after Easter so that only one weekend is eliminated. Community support is down during Easter weekend and most students aren't around to schedule recitals at this time. They also are unable to use the Brubeck Festival weekend. They have to put on 45 events in six weeks.

Switching to a Monday is not an option per Ann because there are so many Monday holidays this semester. Could be on Friday or another day. There have been concerns with tying Pacific Day in with a religious holiday.

P. Rosson informed committee that there are going to continue to be issues with the academic calendar because in 2015, the spring semester begins January 5, with orientation being on January 1st and 2nd.

VII. Modern Language & Literature Conditional Approvals - S. Giraldez
SPAN 101 Composición avanzada (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 103 Introducción a la literatura hispánica (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 110 Civilización hispanoamericana (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 112 Civilización Española (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 114 Cine hispano/Hispanic Film (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 122 Literatura mexicana (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 124 Escritores hispanos en los Estados Unidos (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 126 Poesía hispánica (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 128 Teatro hispánico (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 133 Don Quijote (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 135 Literatura hispanoamericana del siglo XX (Title and prerequisite change)

Susan Giraldez was present to discuss issue from last month's meeting regarding adding the requirement for the placement test for non-majors. Placement test score is an issue because very few students ever take this test and she has no control over this. Many students are self-assessed and take some of these courses as general education or to improve their language skills. With upper division courses, there is no sequencing. She would like to request that we put "placement test recommended" versus "placement test required."

G. Rohlf moved to accept the changes for non-majors to: language testing is " recommended," E. Boyce seconds, motion unanimously approved.

VIII. What's on your mind?

Meeting adjourned at 5:03 pm