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March 4, 2004

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of March 4, 2004

McCaffrey Center Spruce Room

Present: Bob Cox, Jean Purnell, Robert Coburn, Stefanie Naumann, Chris Goff, Berit Gundersen, Barbara West, Ash Brown   

Absent: Paul Kozina, Jerry Post, Vivian Snyder, Lisa Nowinski

Guests: Tom Rajala

Chair Bob Cox called the meeting to order at 3:10 p.m.

I.        Approval of Minutes

February 5, 2004

Motion: Ash Brown moved, Chris Goff seconded to approve the minutes.
Motion passed with 1 abstention.

II.      Consent Agenda

Motion: Chris Goff moved, Berit Gundersen seconded to approve the consent agenda.

Motion unanimously approved.

III.       Program Review

•  The School of Education Program Review panel will submit a report after conducting an interview with Education students.  

•  The General Education Panel report may come before the Academic Affairs Committee in fall 2005.  

•  The AAC may meet April 1 and April 15 to take action on the incoming Program Review panel reports.

IV.     Program Changes


V.       Old Business

As part of the 2001 Program Review for Sociology, the President required that there be an interim, internal review in 2003/04 of its curriculum, capstone seminar, learning outcomes and participation in General Education.   This review was carried out by the department in a self-study and a memo from Dean Miller was submitted to Dr. Jean Purnell, Assistant Provost in November 2003 stating that all requirements had been fulfilled.  

Motion: Stefanie Naumann moved, Ash Brown seconded to approve the forming of an ad hoc panel within the AAC to read the Self Study Report and report back to the committee as to whether further action is needed.
Motion unanimously approved.

VI.      Proposed Change in Transferability of Graded Units & GPA

           (Approved by Admission and Financial Aid Committee on 2/6/04 )

A portion of a 10 page document was submitted for approval.  There was some concern among the members on the phrasing and possible inequity of the proposed polity.  Items 3 and 5 of the document required clarification because of contradiction of statements.

           Motion to accept the proposed change did not pass (1 abstention).

Tom Rajala, Office of Enrollment, addressed the concerns of the committee and gave an overview of the current practice.  A written document of the current practice will be given to the committee for comparison to the proposed document.  Chair Bob Cox will send a memo to the Admission and Financial Aid Committee addressing concerns of the AAC.

VII.   Summer ELO Tuition Issues-Proposal from ELOC (Experiential Learning                      Oversight Committee)

The ELOC Subcommittee on Tuition Issues conducted a survey of academic departments to begin to evaluate the extensiveness of this concern.  Three possible solutions or options for addressing the summer tuition issue as it relates to ELO's were recommended in a memo, (February 5, 2004, revised March 2, 2004) to Dr. Gilbertson, Provost.  These options would promote student participation in an ELO at a reduced summer tuition cost.  This will not impact the School of Engineering or the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

Motion: Chris Goff moved, Barbara West seconded to endorse all 3 possible methods for addressing the summer tuition issues as it relates to ELO's.

Motion unanimously approved.

VIII.   Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.


Submitted by

Rosie Fox, Secretary

Academic Affairs Committee