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March 4, 2010

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of March 4, 2010
UC 211

Call to Order: 3:03 PM

Present: F. Au, M. Bhattacharyya, A. Boboc, A. Go, B. Gundersen, R. Khoie, Y. Kim, B. Klunk, B. Phillips, S. Wheeler
Not Present: B. Jasti
Ex-Officio: P. Rosson, E. Sparks

I. Approval of Minutes-
Minutes of February 4th, 2010 were unanimously approved as submitted.

II. Consent Agenda      
College of the Pacific
Department of Sport Sciences

SPTS182 Exercise Testing and Prescription
A. Boboc moved, M. Bhattacharyya seconded; approved.

School of Engineering and Computer Science
Department of Computer Science

COMP101 Application Programming
COMP127 Client Server Systems
COMP137 Distributed Computing
COMP141 Programming Languages
COMP147 Computing Theory
COMP151 Artificial Intelligence
COMP157 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
COMP159 Computer Game Technologies
COMP173 Operating Systems
COMP175 System Administration and Security
B. Klunk moved, A. Go seconded, unanimously approved.

III. Academic Experiential Learning at Pacific
A draft document on Academic Experiential Learning was discussed. The goal is to have 100 percent participation from undergraduates in experiential learning to make experiential learning a point of distinction at Pacific.  There is concern about class sizes, where a student may not be able to complete the number of semesters of a particular foreign language when they are not able to go abroad. A decision for implementation across the board will need to be made and administrative support has not been funded at this time. Who will be tracking experiential learning, the courses, CTL? What impact will this have on faculty? The teaching disciplines? There is an overwhelming concern of the negative effect with added workload. Will there be recognition of this towards PT? The discussion will be continued at the April 1st meeting.

IV.  Adjourned: 3:49