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March 5, 2009

Academic Affairs Committee       
Minutes of March 5th, 2009
University Center, 211

Call to Order: 3:04pm

Present: Batto, Go, Gundersen, Khoie, McCallum, Phillips, Wheeler, Wilson
Not Present: Au, Boboc, Jasti, Juarez, MacArthur
Ex-Officio: Peggy Rosson, Cecilia Rodriguez, Edie Sparks
Guests: Cynthia Dobbs, Arturo Ocampo, Lou Matz, Bruce Peltier

I. Minutes: Minutes of February 5th, 2009 were approved as submitted.
 C. Wilson moved, A. Go seconded, approved unanimously.
II.  Consent

Benerd School of Education
CURR175 Reading/Language Arts Development  
(EDUC256 Content Area Literacy Development in Secondary Schools)
CURR227 ESL Theory and Practice 
   (EDUC257 ESL Theory and Practice)
CURR229 Introduction to Bilingual Education
  (EDUC264 Introduction to Bilingual Education)
CURR278a Directed Teaching Music
  (EDUC271 Professional Practice Music)
CURR258A Directed Teaching: Mult. Subj.
CURR258B Directed Teaching: Mult. Subj./Sing. Subj.
CURR278 Directed Teaching: Sing. Subj.
N. Batto moved, B. Phillips seconded, approved unanimously.

 School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
SLPA222 Neurological Disorders: Treatment
SLPA141 Research Methods - Speech-Language Pathology
  (SLPA241 Research Methods)
C. Wilson moved, R. Khoie seconded, approved unanimously.

School of International Studies
INTL200 The Developing Field of Social Entrepreneurship
INTL201 Business Plans for Social Entrepreneurial Organizations
INTL202 Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Programs: A Focus on Social
Entrepreneurship and Microfinance
S. Wheeler moved, A. Go seconded, approved unanimously.

III.  WASC- Team 3
Lou Matz and Bruce Peltier presented a WASC Team 3 update. Pacific as well as other universities use the WASC process as a further assessment of the University. Team 3 compiled seven objectives and outcomes and have asked for feedback from the university community; how many objectives are appropriate and are some objectives more important than others. Is Wellness an important objective as the rest? A timeline was also shared for the writing essay.
IV. Calendar
The calendar outline was reviewed and will be presented to the University community. Dates for the open forums will be announced and committee members were asked to participate at discussions. 

V. Diversity Curriculum  
Assistant Provost Arturo Ocampo and Cynthia Dobbs shared a proposed diversity curriculum requirement; it would require all undergraduates to take a required diversity course before graduating, implemented for 2010/11 incoming freshmen. The Diversity Curriculum committee surveyed 67 potential courses; 48 of which are GE courses that may qualify for the diversity requirement. There will be a workshop the week of May 18th for faculty to develop diversity curricula and pedagogy into their teachings. The committee asked for more information that includes a list of the potential 48 courses, and some discussion of what the minimum # from the robust list, Academic Affairs will work with the Diversity Committee.

VI. Adjourned at 5:21