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March 6, 2008

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of March 6, 2008
McCaffrey Center, Pine Room

Call to Order: 3:07 p.m.

Present: Aslam, Batto, Boboc, Gundersen, Matz, McCallum, C. Rodriguez, S. Rodriguez, Rosson, Van Donsel, Wheeler, Wilson

Not Present: Golanbari, MacArthur, Muskal, Phillips

Special Guest: Ann Perkins

Minutes: Minutes of February 7, were reviewed and approved.

Rodriguez moved, Boboc seconded, Motion to approve: Unanimous.

Consent Agenda Items: 
The College
CHEM163 was withdrawn.
McCallum moved, Boboc seconded, Motion to approve: Unanimous.

Ann Perkins shared and discussed the proposed changes in the Minor Policy. The change would be grandfathered for current students and updated in 08/09 catalog.
Batto moved, Boboc seconded, Motion to approve: Unanimous.

Program Planning and Self Study:
Changes to the flow-chart diagram and handbook were discussed, suggestions included separating Administrative/Academic roles, and language changes. Questions concerning WASC expectations for Program Review will be researched and discussed in a sub-committee from AA. The sub-committee, compiled of Gundersen, McCallum, C. Rodriguez and Wheeler, will meet and make necessary changes to the Handbook for Annual and Periodic Program Review document. The Handbook will then be presented at the April 3rd meeting.

Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 3, 2008 in the Pine Room

Adjourned 4:38pm