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May 1, 2008

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of May 1, 2008
McCaffrey Center, Pine Room

Call to Order: 3:05 p.m.

Present: Aslam, Batto, Boboc, Gundersen, McCallum, Muskal, Phillips, S. Rodriguez, Van Donsel, Wilson

 Ex-Officio: Matz, Rosson

Not Present: Day, Golanbari, MacArthur, Wheeler

Guest: Rob Brodnick

Minutes: Minutes of April 3, were approved as submitted.
Phillips moved, Muskal seconded, Motion to approve: Unanimous.

Consent Agenda Items:
MUIR187 Internship
Ethnic Studies

MCOM26 New Resources in Pitch
MCOM27 New Resources in Rhythm
MCOM126 New Performance Techniques
MCOM127 Music, Sound and Film
MCOM128 New Approaches to Form
MCOM129 Non-Western Composing Techniques
MHIS011 Survey of Music History I
MHIS012 Survey of Music History II
MHIS013 Survey of Music History III

School of Engineering and Computer Science
CIVL130 Fluid Mechanics I
S. Rodriguez moved, Muskal seconded, Motion to approve: Unanimous.

Program Changes:
Psychology MA
PSYC207 Psychology of Learning
S. Rodriguez moved, Muskal seconded, Motion to approve: Unanimous

Bachelor of Music in Music Education
Phillips moved, Muskal seconded, Motion to approve: Unanimous.
Music Management Program
McCallum moved, S. Rodriguez seconded, Motion to approve: Unanimous.

Guide for Annual and Periodic Program Planning and Self Study:
Rob Brodnick shared positive feedback from a COD meeting where the document was presented. Academic Affairs can work with COD to set a schedule for the review. It was noted that in Fall 09 the Academic Affairs Committee will be made up of different faculty, than now. It is important for future committee members to review documents and ensure integrity of process.
Muskal moved, Phillips seconded, Motion to approve: 10 approved, 0 opposed, 1 abstention, motion carried.

Election of Chair:
S. Rodriguez nominated Mike McCallum as Chair of Academic Affairs for 2008/09, Batto seconded.
There being no other nominations, Motion to approve: Unanimous.

Adjourned: 3:42pm

Pending committee approval on September 4th, 2008.