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May 3, 2007

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of May 3, 2007
McCaffrey Center Pine Room

Call to Order: 3:07 p.m.

Nathan Batto, Ken Day, Michael Golanbari, Mike McCallum, Meghan Mullen, Fred Muskal, Newman Peery, Christine Wilson

Not Present: Susan Giraldez, Jean Purnell, Michael Sokol, Veena Vaidyanathan, Roshanak Rahimian

Special Guests: Cecilia Rodriguez, Edie Sparks, Bob Benedetti, Elfri Kraka, Dieter Cremer, Larry Spreer, Ron Hoverstad, Ann Perkins

Minutes:  Minutes for April 5th approved with no edits.

Consent Agenda Items:           

Program Changes 

Addition: Bachelor of Science and  Major in Nanotechnology

Dr. Dieter Cremer provided a power point presentation that included a rationale for introducing the program, involvement of disciplines outside the Natural Sciences Engineering in the NT teaching program, and involvement among the units. Questions from the committee were directed to Dr. Cremer.
Motion: Fred Muskal moved, Ken Day seconded to approve the BS Major in Nanotechnology Program.

The Major Nanotechnology is not directly under a department but there are schools interested and supportive of the program. This question of which school will be responsible for the major will be discussed further at an AAC meeting in the Fall. Dr. Kraka, Chemistry, has created a plan that will not require the hiring of additional faculty. This teaching plan will be successful for up to 25 students. Discussion followed regarding the NT hardware. 

A friendly amendment to the motion was made by Newman Peery to approve the BS Major in Nanotechnology Program contingent upon approval by the Provost. Newman Peery will generate a memo to Academic Council in support of the Nanotechnology program.
Motion: unanimously approved. 

The College

Addition: Minor Civic Leadership
Bob Benedetti was present to answer questions by the committee.
Motion: Ken Day moved, Fred Muskal seconded to approve the Minor in Civic Leadership.

The cross-listing courses are with the Center for Professional and continuing Education (CPCE); a collaboration between the Jacoby Center, CPCE, and Student Life.
Motion: unanimously approved. 

Revision MBA Program
Ron Hoverstad gave a brief overview of the program revisions designed to meet the needs of the current students.
Motion: Mike McCallum moved, Fred Muskal seconded to approve revisions of the MBA program.
Motion: unanimously approved.

Motion: Ken Day moved, Fred Muskal seconded to approve the addition course BUSI 211 Applied Business Principles.
Motion unanimously approved.

CAPP Update on Upcoming Proposals for AAC
Ann Perkins, Associate Registrar, provided a power point presentation on the Curriculum and Program Planning (CAPP) and the impact it will have on the catalog calendar. This will assure that new programs will come before the AAC in the Fall and will be in the general catalog. There are currently two pilots, Business and Political Science, for Fall 2007. 

Program Changes (Continued) 
Revision: Minor Ethnic Studies
Motion: Fred Muskal moved, Ken Day seconded to approve revision of the Minor in Ethnic Studies.
Motion unanimously approved. 

Adjourned:  5:15 pm. 

Submitted by
Rosie Fox, Secretary

Academic Affairs Committee