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May 4, 2006

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of May 4, 2006
McCaffrey Center Spruce Room

Present: Ken Day, Chris Goff, Gigi Gokcek, Berit Gundersen, Fred Muskal, Newman Peery, Jean Purnell, Joshua Foster [substitute for Mindy Kreitzman]

Absent: Robert Coburn, Jim Uchizono

Guests: Qingwen Dong, Margee Ensign, Susan Giraldez, Jie Lu, Cecilia Rodriguez, Merrill Schleier

Chairperson Berit Gundersen opened the meeting at 3:07 p.m. with introductions around the table.


Approval of Minutes
Motion: Chris Goff moved, Gigi Gokcek seconded to approve the April 6, 2006 minutes.
Motion unanimously approved.

Election of Chairperson
Send nominations to Berit Gundersen or Jean Purnell.
A virtual agenda will be sent on Friday, May 5 of the newly received course forms. Send electronic votes to Rosie Fox.


Consent Agenda
Motion: Fred Muskal moved, Newman Peery seconded to approve the Consent Agenda as one item.
Two revision courses are being proposed by Civil Engineering, Civil 60 Aquatic Chemistry for Environmental Engineers, and Civil 136 Design of Water & Wastewater Facilities. There has been a request for the learning objectives but these have not been received. Other requests for syllabi to contain learning objectives have been received. It is suggested that these two courses be approved with conditional approval.
Newman Peery made a friendly amendment to the motion to approve the Consent Agenda with conditional approval for Civil 60 and Civil 136 on receiving the learning objectives. Fred Muskal accepted and seconded the friendly amendment.

Deletion of PSYC 25 Foundations of Psychology is part of the Psychology curriculum. There was a consensus to table PSYC 25 and include it on the virtual agenda that would also list the revision of the Psychology B.A. program.

Chris Goff amended the friendly amendment to approve the Consent Agenda with conditional approval for Civil 60 and Civil 36 and to include tabling PSYC 25 but not PSYC 153. Fred Muskal accepted and seconded the amendment to the friendly amendment.

Motion to approve the Consent Agenda with the friendly amendments was unanimously approved.


Program Changes
Major: Communication
Motion: Newman Peery moved, Fred Muskal seconded to approve the revision of the Communication major.
Qingwen Dong, Chairperson, was present to provide the rationale for dropping the emphasis areas within the Department of Communication.
Motion unanimously approved.

Minor: Communication
Motion: Chris Goff moved, Newman Peery seconded to approve the revision of the Communication minor.
The department wants to 1) produce more Communication majors, 2) use existing and incoming resources to develop an interdisciplinary initiative to develop a political communication focus, and 3) better serve the students.
Motion unanimously approved.

Motion: Gigi Gokcek moved, Chris Goff moved seconded to approve the addition of COMM 151, Community Based Learning, to the Communication curriculum.
Motion unanimously approved.

Modern Languages and Literature
Major: Asian Language and Studies Learning Objectives (Information/Discussion)
Jie Lu submitted a list of learning objectives for the Asian Language and Studies major. The objectives are organized into three categories; language skills, knowledge, and attitude. Assessment measures for each category are included.

Minor: Gender Studies
Motion: Fred Muskal moved, Ken Day seconded to approve the revision of the Gender Studies program as submitted to the committee.
Motion unanimously approved.

Major: Ed.D. Educational & School Psychology
Motion: Joshua Foster moved, Chris Goff seconded to approve deletion of the Major: Ed.D. Educational & School Psychology and the courses as listed.
Motion unanimously approved.

School of International Studies
Major: M.A. International Development
Major: PhD. International Development
Motion: Ken Day moved, Fred Muskal seconded to approve the addition of the Masters and PhD programs in International Development and all the addition courses submitted to the committee.
Margee Ensign provided information on the background and history of the programs. The two graduate programs would be moved from Tulane University to Pacific. A model for this program is the Masters of Intercultural Relations (MAIR) taught in Portland, Oregon. There are currently 90 students participating in the Portland program. Tulane University has 120 students enrolled in both the Masters and PhD. programs.
Other schools are interested in this program so there is need to move this forward quickly. Dean Ensign is requesting approval of the proposals by the committee prior to obtaining signatures from the Library and the Provost. An application has been submitted to the WASC Substantive Change Committee to schedule this proposal for review and consideration at its meeting in July 2006. The program would be overseen by a director at Pacific. The core courses and requirements will be published on the web. There are a few typographical errors to be corrected on the submitted Graduate Programs in International Development proposal.
Motion unanimously approved.

Motion: Chris Goff moved, Fred Muskal seconded to approve the SIS addition course forms submitted.
Motion unanimously approved.


Policy on Academic Minor
• Merrill Schleier, Department of Visual Arts, requested an exemption for the Bachelor of Fine Art students on Studio Art and Graphic Design to allow three Art History courses to count for both their major requirements and for an Art History minor (if the student elects to do so).
• Susan Giraldez, Modern Languages and Literature, has requested an exemption for students who are studying a language other than Spanish: Students who acquire competency in the target language elsewhere may be exempted from a maximum of four units of the 20-unit minimum.

At the February 2, 2006 AAC meeting it was shared that CAD (Council of Assistant/Associate Deans) supported the revision of the Policy on Minors. This policy was approved at the COP Council first before coming to the AAC for approval. Action on the revision of the Policy on Minors was tabled to receive more information from Ken Day who is a member of the College Council, which met in February 2006 to review the policy. Ken Day shared three concerns of the College Council at the AAC March meeting. The Council requested a revision of item 7. A friendly amendment to the policy was made to reflect this request and approved by the committee. Students must take at least three courses totaling a minimum of nine semester units which count only for the minor.
M. Schleier and S. Giraldez will submit their requests and rationale to the committee. These will be forwarded to the committee members for comments.

Proposal to Modify Course/Program Forms
Cecilia Rodriguez is requesting a modification to the course/program forms. The addition, revision, deletion course forms will be revised to include information helpful to the Registrar’s Office in many aspects.
Motion: Chris Goff moved, Newman Peery seconded to approve the modifications to the course/program forms.
Motion unanimously approved.


Program Review
Proposal to Pilot New Model in 2006-07
The memo will be included in the virtual agenda and an electronic vote on the idea of piloting the new program review model.
Motion: Chris Goff moved, Newman Peery seconded to move forward on piloting the new program review model contingent on the approval of the members at the electronic vote.
A committee member will be appointed to convene the September 7, 2006 meeting. Nominations for 2006-2007 Academic Affairs Committee Chairperson will be accepted.

Meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.



Submitted by
Rosie Fox, Secretary
Academic Affairs Committee