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May 6, 2004

Academic Affairs Committee

Minutes of May 6, 2004

McCaffrey Center Spruce Room

Present: Bob Cox, Jean Purnell, Barbara West, Ash Brown, Jerry Post, Berit Gundersen, Vivian Snyder, Robert Coburn, Stefanie Naumann

Absent: Ash Brown, Paul Kozina, Lisa Nowinski

Guests: Cecilia Rodriguez, John Phillips, Steve Little, John (Jack) Nagle.

Chair Bob Cox called the meeting to order at 3:10 p.m.

I.     Approval of Minutes

April 15, 2004

Motion: Vivian Snyder moved, Barbara West seconded to approve the minutes with an amendment to add Item IV, New Business, and 2004/05 Chair-Elect.  

Motion unanimously approved.

II.   Consent Agenda

Motion: Ash Brown moved, Stefanie Naumann seconded to approve the items on the consent agenda.

Motion amended: Robert Coburn moved, Vivian Snyder seconded to approve the consent agenda with the omission of RUSS 120 Contemporary Russian Film.  

Motion unanimously approved.

Motion: Robert Coburn moved, Barbara West seconded to remove and return the course form, Addition: RUSS 120 Contemporary Russian Film, to Professor Elena Savelieva-Thompson and invite her to meet with the committee to explain why this is an upper division course rather than lower division.

Motion unanimously approved.

III. Program Review

The committee will be receiving the General Education and the School of Education panel report sometime in October or November.

IV.  New Business

        2004/05 Chair-Elect.

Motion: Berit Gunderson moved, Chris Goff seconded to nominate Vivian Snyder as the 2004/05 Academic Affairs Committee Chairperson.

Motion unanimously approved.      

V.    Program Changes

School of Education

        Educational & School Psychology

There was discussion on the proposed major: Ph.D. Program in Educational Psychology with a Specialization in School Psychology.   The school is currently waiting for the approval from WASC.   The reason for the name change is due to the changes in California licensure law.   School Psychology alone is not recognized.   The School of Education will be seeking accreditation with the American Psychological Association.   Only the name change is being sought, not a change to the content, curriculum or requirements.   There were some concerns presented to the committee by a Program Review panel member for the School of Education .

Motion: Motion Berit Gunderson moved, Robert Coburn seconded to approve the name change.

Motion unanimously approved.

VI.  Old Business


VII. Adjournment

        Meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.

Submitted by

Rosie Fox, Secretary

Academic Affairs Committee