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May 6, 2010

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of May 6, 2010
DeRosa University Center 211

Present: M. Bhattacharyya, A. Boboc, A. Go, B. Gundersen, R. Khoie, B. Phillips, P. Rosson
Not Present: F. Au, B. Jasti, Y. Kim, B. Klunk, C. Rodriguez, E. Sparks, S. Wheeler
Ex-Officio: Jodie Baker, Dave Chase, Giulio Ongaro

Call to order: 3:12pm

I.  Approval of Minutes      
R. Khoie moved to approve the minutes of April 1st, 2010, A. Boboc seconded, approved. 
II. Consent Agenda      
College of the Pacific
Biological Sciences

BIOL076 Marine Biology

PSYC259B Behavior Analysis: Martial/ Family Therapy
PSYC259C Behavior Analysis: Martial/ Family Therapy
PSYC259X Behavior Analysis

Religious and Classical Studies
RELI104 Religion of the Pharaohs

Sport Sciences
SPTS61 Medical Terminology

Benerd School of Education
EDUC157/257 ESL Theory and Practice
EDUC164/264 Introduction to Bilingual Education

School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Physiology and Pharmacology
PCSP270 Theory and Methodology of Simulation of Natural Rock Formation
PCSP232 Mechanisms of Drug Action II 

Pharmacy Practice
PRAC140 Healthcare Finance with Pharmacy Applications
PHRM118 Practicum I

Speech-Language Pathology
SLPA247 Autism Spectrum Disorders

III. Program Changes       
Eberhardt School of Business

Conservatory of Music
A.Boboc moved to approve both the consent and program changes, A. Go seconded, unanimously approved.
IV. Chair-Elect
The committee will need to select a chair-elect to serve as chair for 2011-12. Item will be discussed early in fall2010.

V. Assessment - Discussion
When WASC returns for the EER visit their key item will be program review. They will select half a dozen programs and will especially focus on the effectiveness of learning assessment, external review, what we do with the results both how to use for improvement and how the department/unit/ university make decisions on allocation. The committee can organize workshop to help understand the process and responsibility, we will have 3-4 programs to review in fall2010.

VI.  Brubeck Institute Courses
The Brubeck Institute requested to use a special topics course, a third time. With the changes of a new Dean, more time is needed to clarify and arrange a better understanding between the university and Institute. B. Klunk moved to approve, A. Boboc seconded, unanimously approved.

VII. Syllabus Template
A syllabus template is available online and intended to be used as a guide and help pick and choose what should go into a syllabus. It has no disability statement. There should be a pre-amble to help create a new syllabus. A standard syllabus can be helpful to integrate adjunct faculty especially when programs are being expanded. Committee will collect feedback from units and continue discussion at a future time.

VIII. Adjourned: 4:15pm