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November 1, 2007

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of November 1, 2007
McCaffrey Center, Pine Room

Call to Order: 3:06 p.m.

Present: Aslam, Batto, Boboc, Golanbari, Gundersen, MacArthur, McCallum, Muskal, Rajala, C. Rodriguez, S. Rodriguez, Rosson, Sparks, Wilson

Not Present:  Day, Phillips, Wheeler

Special Guests:  Eric Boyce

Minutes: Minutes of October 4th, approved with one edit.

Consent Agenda Items: 
Additions - Electives

Prac 151 Introduction to Pediatrics
Prac 141 Medicare Part D - Fundamentals, Application and Outreach

Program Changes:
Advanced Pharmacy changing passing grade from a “D” to a “C”. Considering the program and the critical level of degree trying to be achieved, it is not acceptable to allow a “D” as a passing grade. The change would be grandfathered for current students and would go into effect Fall of 2008 for new students. Considering that this a Professional School the guidelines are different than COP. These courses are not prerequisite to other courses. Need to further investigate before moving forward. Apparently other courses in Pharmacy it is considered passing with a “D” and they too should be revised. A grade of “C” or higher is preferred. The committee had different opinions as to make an effective start date partly due to Banner adjustments. It was suggested that it should be noted on the course descriptions in the catalog.

Program Performance Objectives: Improvements with critical learning. Pharmacy have voted unanimously.

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering/School of Engineering & Computer Science
ECPE 41L and ECPE 41, BENG124:  Approved pending receipt of biomechanics grading criteria.

Minor in Japanese Studies: Revision in the minor make it more studies oriented and to reflect those that are native to the language. Motion to approve: Unanimous

Minor in Chinese Studies: Revision in the minor make it more studies oriented and to reflect those that are native to the language. Motion to approve: Unanimous

Theater Arts: Minor-Deletions Thea011 as a requirement for a major. Motion to approve: Unanimous

Theater 37A: No change in course description. Requesting to remove prerequisites and to change the numbering. Motion to approve: Unanimous

Academic Calendar

Calendar Committee Update  The calendar had a little flexibility for faculty and submitting grades.  Motion to approve as submitted in today's meeting:  Unanimous
The committee discussed the fact that Pacific has the most instructed teaching days compared to other institutions.  The length of days taught affect financial aid, summer residence halls and the transition of students moving.

CAPP (Information/Action)
Residency Policy: Motion to accept for discussion. Concerns from students in SIS who have concentrated degrees and taking certain courses in Study Abroad. SIS prefers students to go through Pacific’s programs that are approved. Should Pacific not have a valid course that is when to seek out for a course that is suitable. Motion to approve: Unanimous

Grade Replacement/Averaging Policy:
Recommendation is to eliminate grade replacements and to only allow grade averaging for repeated courses. The committee still has issues regarding grade replacing vs. averaging. Students will purposely fail a test therefore failing the course in order to take the course over again to achieve a better grade. It was mentioned that it is not fair for those students who earn the “A” grade the first time around compared to those who may take a course a second time get an “A” then. Motion to approved: Motion to approve and one opposed.

Acceptance of Test Score Units:
This should go back to the chair and be articulated within a unit to make a decision. Motion to approve: Unanimous

Adjourned: 4:55 p.m.