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November 2, 2006

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of November 2, 2006
McCaffrey Center Pine Conference Room

Present: Nathan Batto, Ken Day, Susan Giraldez, Michael Golanbari, Fred Muskal, Newman Peery, Jean Purnell, Michael Sokol, Cecilia Rodriguez, Peggy Rosson

Absent: Christine Wilson

Guests: Edie Sparks

Newman Peery called the meeting to order at 3:12 pm. A welcome was extended to Peggy Rosson as the Student Life representative.


Approval of Minutes
Motion: Ken Day moved, Michael Sokol seconded to approve the October 5, 2006 minutes.
Motion unanimously approved.



Consent Agenda
Motion: Fred Muskal moved, Michael Sokol seconded to approve the Consent Agenda.
Motion unanimously approved.



Pacific Seminar Syllabi
There was no discussion on the information item.


School of International Studies
INTL 185 SIS Capstone
Nathan Batto addressed any concerns or questions on the SIS Capstone. Discussion followed on the learning objectives.
Motion: Fred Muskal moved, Michael Sokol seconded to approve the School of International Studies INTL 185 SIS Capstone.

This has been offered as a Special Topics last year and it worked well with the students.
Motion unanimously approved.


Update on Changes in Office of Research and Graduate Studies
Some changes are being implemented within the Graduate School due to the recommendations of the Program Review Panel. Committee members had concerns about implementation. Newman will inform the chair of Academic Council that the topic on restructuring of the Graduate Studies Office has been discussed. A guest will be invited to the AAC meeting to discuss the new office and the decentralization issues of the Graduate School. Newman will ask committee members to send him their concerns within the next two weeks. There is a need for further information.


Policy on Academic Minor
Susan Giraldez petitioned for exemption to the Policy on Academic Minor for Modern Language and Literature. French and Japanese are the two languages most affected. The difficulty comes up for the students with a high level of language skills. There are not enough upper division classes at this time for students who do not study abroad. The programs are so small in the French and Japanese majors. The request is to accept the exemption to all the minors to be completed with 16 units instead of 20 units, for those students who enter with a high level of language skill. Modern Language and Literature does not offer challenge exams.

Motion: Fred Muskal moved, Ken Day seconded to accept the exemption to the Policy on Academic Minor to all the Modern Language and Literature minors, except Spanish, to be completed with 16 units.
Motion unanimously approved.

Motion: Michael Sokol moved, Fred Muskal seconded to accept the exemption to the Policy on Academic Minor to the Bachelor of Fine Art Degree students in Studio Art and Graphic Design.
Motion unanimously approved.



General Catalog
Cecilia Rodriguez would like to discontinue the hard copy of the General Catalog. There is currently an online version of the catalog. There are concerns regarding student advising and course schedules. If the hard copy is discontinued the previous versions of the online catalog must be available because the catalog is considered a contract between the student and the University. It was mentioned that perhaps a portion of the catalog addressing the regulations could remain in print. Further discussion followed. Cecilia acknowledged the concerns and will return to address the concerns brought up by the committee.


Academic Calendar
Motion: Ken Day moved, Michael Sokol seconded to approve the 2007-2008 Academic Calendar.

This action item was Tabled by Fred Muskal for the December 7 meeting. Cecilia Rodriguez will review the summer sessions with Barbara Shaw and will amend a few Pharmacy dates.



Meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.

Submitted by
Rosie Fox, Secretary