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November 3, 2005

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of November 3, 2005
McCaffrey Center, Spruce Conference Room

Present: Robert Coburn, Ken Day, Chris Goff, Gigi Gokcek, Michael Golanbri, Berit Gundersen, Amber Padilla, Jean Purnell, Cecilia Rodriguez, Steve Wheeler

Absent: Fred Muskal

Guests: Greg Anderson, Lydia Fox, Keith Hatschek, Brian Klunk

Berit Gundersen called the meeting to order at 3:08 p.m. Committee members introduced themselves.


Approval of Minutes
October 6, 2005
Motion: G. Gokcek moved, S. Wheeler seconded to approve the minutes.
Approved with 1 abstention.
B. Gundersen will contact newest members to update them on the project to revise program review guidelines. J. Purnell will send out documentation from October committee meeting and charge of the committee to new members.



Consent Agenda
Motion: C. Goff moved, K. Day seconded to approve the consent agenda.
Approved unanimously.

The Chair agreed to rearrange the agenda to facilitate presentations by guests.



Program Change
College of the Pacific
Major: Environmental Science
Lydia Fox presented a rationale for the new major in Environmental Science. It is an outcome of the program review of Geoscience in 2004-05. The program will provide an alternative for students interested in Health and Science-related majors. There are no syllabi yet for GEOS 163 or GEOS 185 because these courses will not be offered until after 2-3 years of the program. Academic Affairs will want to review these courses when first offered.
Motion: K. Day moved, M. Golanbari seconded to approve program change and related course approvals.
Unanimously approved.



Major: English
The change involves requiring one of several specific writing courses and limiting electives to five instead of six courses.
Motion: K. Day moved, M. Golanbari seconded to approve the program change and related course changes.
Unanimously approved.



Major: Political Science
Brian Klunk explained the minor was revised to reflect removal of courses that have been deleted from the program. 40 hours of experiential learning time are required for one unit of credit in Political Science (as compared with 44 hours in Pharmacy).
Motion: C. Goff moved, A. Padilla seconded to approve the program change in Political Science and related course approvals.
Unanimously approved.



Conservatory of Music
Major: B. of Music, Emphasis in Music Management
Keith Hatschek explained that the B.M., Emphasis in Music Management is being brought in line with more recently developed Conservatory programs with the addition of three courses.
Motion: R. Coburn moved, G. Gokcek seconded to approve the program change.
Unanimously approved.



Proposal for Revision of Residency Requirement Policy
This revision clarifies how final degree regular units are counted.
Motion: K. Day moved, S. Wheeler seconded to approve revsion of the policy.
Unanimously approved.



Review of Policy on Minors
A draft policy on minors prepared by the Council of Associate Deans was distributed for review. Committee members should present the draft for review by various school and college faculty. The issue of how many courses may count for the major and minor could affect some schools. If it is revised by February it could go into the new catalog.



2006-07 Academic Year Calendar
Cecilia Rodriguez presented the calendar, which is based on last year's model.
Motion: K. Day moved, C. Goff seconded to approve the calendar.
Unanimously approved.



Five Year Calendar, 2009-2013
Motion: G. Gokcek moved, M. Golanbari seconded to approve the calendar.
Unanimously approved.
The calendar will be noted as "subject to change."



Program Review
a. Program review panel. Panel for Mathematics will be John Livesey, Pharmacy, Bill Ford, Computer, and Larry Spreer, Chemistry, plus one student.
Motion: S. Wheeler moved, A. Padilla seconded to approve the panel.
Unanimously approved.
b. Revision of program review guidelines. An ad hoc group will be formed to draft new guidelines. Potential members may be past AAC chairpersons.



Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.


Submitted by
Jean Purnell
Assistant Provost