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November 3, 2011

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of November 3, 2011
Library Community Room

Present: M. Bhattacharyya, A. Boboc, E. Boyce, M. Draheim, B. Gundersen, A. Richard, G. Rohlf, E. Typpo, S. Waltz
Ex-Officio: L. Matz, P. Rosson
Not Present: B. Jasti
Guests: D. Kitchen, M. VanNess

Call to order: 3:05pm

I. Approval of Minutes for October 6, 2011
E. Boyce moved to approve, A. Richard seconded, minutes approved, with correction to item IV, vote should have been a vote of abstention, not opposition.

II. Consent
College of the Pacific
Department of Sport Sciences
SPTS 120 Instructional Strategies and Methods of Teaching and Coaching
SPTS 152 Secondary Physical Education
SPTS 187d Sport Pedagogy Internship I
SPTS 187e Sport Pedagogy Internship II
SPTS 121 Team Sports (change in course title)
SPTS 123 Individual Sports (change in course title)
SPTS 127 Philosophy of Sport (change in course title)
SPTS 129 Principles of Exercise (change in course title and # of units)
SPTS 141 Sport in America (change in course title)
SPTS 147 Exercise Physiology I (change in course content)
SPTS 153 Adapted Physical Education (change in course title)
SPTS 159 Sport Pedagogy (change in course title, addition of prerequisite)
Theatre Arts
THEA 003 Stage Works
THEA 005 On Stage (change from 2 units to 1-2 units)
THEA 75 or THEA 77 (offering a choice of either class for major requirement)
E. Boyce moved to approve, M. Draheim seconded, unanimously approved.

III. Program Changes
College of the Pacific
Department of Sport Sciences
Major in Sport Sciences (Sport Pedagogy Concentration)

Darrin Kitchen and Mark VanNess, COP department of Sport Sciences, came to discuss/explain the program changes. The changes better reflect our alignment with the Advanced Standards of 2007, and we will align with reaccreditation. These changes will better assist our students upon graduation in this field - increased "staying power" for profession and major. They also added additional courses for teacher credentialing program, and a more defined experiential learning piece to the program. There is also an increase in the number of units from 49 to 66 due to core class changes as well as concentration changes.
E. Typpo moved to approve, seconded by S. Waltz, unanimously approved.

IV. Education Abroad minimum GPA - Berit Gundersen

Berit would like to propose that this body approve that the minimum GPA for study abroad to be 2.5 and that the student's GPA be checked at time of application as well as the semester before they actually travel.

Berit stated that the minimum GPA for education abroad had been 2.5. It appears the minimum GPA requirement was raised about 4-5 years ago to 2.75 arbitrarily with no existing documentation regarding approval of the increase. Berit researched and studied how our students did and expanded the study to see how others did at other universities and under other programs. It was revealed that the 2.5 GPA is an acceptable GPA for education abroad. Analiese Richard from SIS supports this recommendation.

E. Boyce moved to reaffirm that the minimum GPA to study abroad be 2.5 on application, as well as the semester before they actually travel to study abroad, seconded by S. Waltz, unanimously approved.

V. New Academic Affairs Forms

Victoria Oliva has posted the new forms on the Academic Affairs website. E. Typpo suggested developing a flow chart to assist faculty on which forms to use. The information that we have new forms and the deadline for acceptance of old forms needs to be communicated to curriculum chairs, deans, and faculty. M. Bhattacharyya will send a memo to faculty, and inform academic council. It was determined that Academic Affairs will no longer accept old forms that were initiated after January 1, 2012.

G. Rohlf added that all committee representatives should share this news with others to filter this information down and out to faculty, administration and staff.

E. Boyce moved to notify faculty of the new forms and set January 1, 2012 at the deadline for old form, seconded by A. Boboc, unanimously approved.

VI. What's on your mind?

E. Boyce is proposing to add to the syllabus requirements outlined in the Faculty Handbook. The proposal includes adding course subject (abbreviation), course number, course name, number of units, list of topics covered. Discussion included adding a statement about students with disabilities, University-wide learning objectives, and clarification on Student Responsibilities.

E. Boyce and G. Rohlf will meet and bring a recommendation to this body at a future meeting.

Communication could be enhanced by the Academic Affairs committee having a column in the Provost's Newsletter, which is expected to be published every 6 weeks.

G. Rohlf brought up the idea of a Community of Practice. This is a WASC accreditation self-study recommendation. It brings together practitioners to share results and methods in their field, ours would be methods of assessment. It could initially be an annual event where institutional learning outcomes are shared. He suggests that Academic Affairs be a sponsor (host) for a community of practice event - university wide, not just academic division. Greg will bring this idea to a future agenda.

Adjourned: 4:50 pm