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November 4, 2004

Academic Affairs Committee

Minutes of November 4, 2004

McCaffrey Center Spruce Room

Present: Berit Gundersen, Jean Purnell, Susan Sample, Chris Goff, Robert Coburn, Mel Thomas, Newman Peery, Amber Miller, Cecilia Rodriguez (ex-officio)

Absent: Vivian Snyder, David Thomas


Guests: Gene Pearson, David Chase, Dan Kasser


Berit Gundersen, Acting Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.

I.        Approval of Minutes

October 7, 2004

Motion: Mel Thomas moved, Robert Coburn seconded to approve the minutes with the amendment to correct the name of committee member Newman Peery throughout the minutes.

Motion unanimously approved.


II.      Consent Agenda

Motion: Chris Goff moved, Susan Sample seconded to approve the Consent Agenda items.

Newman Peery made a friendly amendment to approve the two new courses (Computer Engineering ECPE 178 - Computer Network Security, and Computer Science COMP 131 - Information technology as a Resource) contingent on delivery of the revised syllabi for each new course prior to the next Academic Affairs Committee meeting on December 2. Chris Goff accepted the amendment, Susan Sample seconded.

Motion unanimously approved.

III.     Program Changes

          1. Art and Art History - Major

Motion: Mel Thomas moved, Chris Goff seconded to approve the department name change from Art and Art History to the Department of Visual Arts.

Motion unanimously approved.

Dan Kasser stated that changing the name of the department would represent the last major change to the department’s administration and curriculum prompted by recent program review and successful completion of re-accreditation with NASAD (National Association of Schools of Art and Design).

Motion unanimously approved.

2. Film Studies – Minor

Motion: Chris Goff moved, Newman Peery seconded to approve revision of the Film Studies – Minor with an amendment to the catalog description text to read A minimum of 5 courses totaling 20 units including the required core course ENGL 31—Aesthetics of Film.

IV.     Old Business

Cecilia Rodriguez distributed a draft of the Pacific Course Numbering Practices (dated 11/04) in an attempt to establish consistency across academic units. The acceptance of this draft would put the responsibility for the numbering of new or current courses on the departments. The draft will be forwarded to the General Education Committee and the Curriculum Committee of each academic unit for their comments. The proposed course number system will greatly benefit the faculty and advisors.

V.       A draft of the 2005-2006 Academic Calendar was distributed by Cecilia Rodriguez.

           The following changes were noted:

           Fall 2005

  • Orientation has expanded
  • Homecoming and Parent Family Day have been combined (October 15, 2005)
  • Advising for continuing students is 2 weeks, October 17 – November 4
 Spring 2006
  • Classes begin Tuesday, January 17 because of the Monday, January 16 Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday

Motion: Newman Peery moved, Robert Coburn seconded to approve the 2005-2006 Academic Calendar with the 3:00 p.m. class start time on the first day.

Motion unanimously approved.

VI.     Program Review

          General Education

Gene Pearson gave an overview of the Review Process, Mission and Marketing, Mentor Seminars, The Path Requirement, Life Strategies/Fundamental Skills, and Administration. The external reviewer Dr. Jerry Gaff, Association of American Colleges and Universities, was helpful in providing a national perspective on General Education. The mission statement is currently being revised. There is an ad hoc committee looking at the freshman year. After examining the freshmen seminars at other universities there appears to be different approaches. It is recommended that all Mentor Seminars should be taught by Pacific faculty as defined in the report. This review hopefully will define the courses that add value and qualify the path requirement. The AAC members were urged to look at the language of the recommendations. Additional discussion will take place when the review is presented for action to the Academic Affairs Committee.

VII.    Adjournment

           Motion: Susan Sample moved, Robert Coburn seconded to adjourn the meeting.

 Motion unanimously approved.

Submitted by

Rosie Fox, Secretary

Academic Affairs Committee