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November 4 2010

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of November 4, 2010
Pine Room

: M. Bhattacharyya, A. Boboc, Dave Chase (S. Waltz), E. Boyce, B. Gundersen, B. Jasti, D. Keefe, R. Khoie, E. Typpo
Not Present: A. Go, B. Klunk, P. Rosson
Ex-Officio:  A. Gillen, L. Matz
Guests: Diane Farrell, Caroline Herrod

Call to order: 3:04 pm
I. Approval of Minutes for October 7, 2010; B. Jasti moved to approve, E. Typpo seconded, unanimously approved.

II. Consent Agenda
CO-op 193A Career Exploration and Planning
CO-op 193B Career Search Essentials
E. Boyce moved to approve, A. Boboc seconded, unanimously approved.

School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences 
Pharmacy Practice
PMED 122 Teaching Assistant for Professional Communications & Interviewing
PMED 131 Introduction to Dermatology
PRAC 124 Developing Consumer Fact Sheets
PRAC 130 Practice of Pharmacy – A Multicultural and International Approach
E. Boyce moved to approve, A. Boboc seconded, 1 abstention, approved.

III. Policy for Book Selection, Lou Matz
Lou Matz discussed the issue of faculty requiring students to purchase their own published textbook, workbook or other related materials for a course. Currently, faculty must inform their unit/dean when using their own published materials. From the faculty handbook, section 3.9.A.2.1 there is a section of Disclosure for Conflicts of Interest: “Disclosure of Conflict of Interest to Cognizant University Officer- … in all situations where a conflict of interest might reasonably arise, immediately disclose the matter in writing to the Provost in the case of faculty and academic administrators and academic staff … and shall refrain from participating in the matter unless and until written approval from the cognizant University officer is received.” It was discussed to create guidelines to acknowledge the use of materials and to protect the university. The process can be reviewed by the chair or dean. A draft will be created and vetted through departments for input before committee approval.

IV. Syllabus Template
Discussion will be continued at the December meeting.

V. Calendar- focus on impact of spring holiday
The Conservatory of Music shared the impact of spring 2011 on their Friday/Weekend events. Due to the shortening of the semester, plus the Pacific Holiday it leaves fewer days for orchestra, wind ensemble, choir, jazz ensemble, and opera schedules. The 2011-2012 Academic Calendar will be presented the following month.

VI. Streamline the Process for Course Approval   
The committee discussed the suggested process for streamlining course approvals. Since the committee does not meet over the summer, proposals come through and wait until the September meeting. The following was suggested to improve the process; new and revised course syllabi undergo initial review by the Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee and the Assistant Provost for Curriculum, Administration & Special Programs; those syllabi that contain the required elements of a syllabus and do not contain any components of major concern (imbalance of units to effort or work, etc.) or controversial in nature are then approved upon agreement by those individuals; course syllabi not meeting the required elements for a syllabus are forwarded back to the academic unit for revision and resubmission; course syllabi that contain the required elements for a syllabus but appear to contain components that are of major concern (imbalance of units to effort or work, etc.) or controversial in nature are brought before the Academic Affairs Committee for a vote.

VII.  EER Team Four Report

VIII. Academic Affairs Forms
Revision To Existing Course Proposal
New Program Proposal
Changes to Existing Program Proposal

IX. Adjourned: 4:55 pm