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November 5, 2009

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of November 5th 2009
University Center, 211

Call to Order:

Present: Au, Bhattacharyya, Boboc, Go, Gundersen, Jasti, Joel Herche (on behalf of Wheeler), Khoie, Kim, Klunk, Phillips
Ex-Officio: Peggy Rosson, Lou Matz (for Edie Sparks)
Guests: Cynthia Dobbs

I. Approval of Minutes      
Minutes of October 1st, 2009 were approved as submitted. A. Boboc moved, A. Go seconded, approved with 1 abstention.

II. Consent        
College of the Pacific

Department of Chemistry
CHEM 132 Teaching and Learning Chemistry
R. Khoie moved, F. Au seconded, approved unanimously.

Department of Economics
ECON 183 Health Economics
B. Klunk moved, A. Boboc seconded, approved unanimously.

Benerd School of Education
Department of Educational Administration and Leadership
EADM 244: Strategies for Promoting Student Development
B. Jasti moved, A. Go seconded, approved unanimously. 
Department of Educational and School Psychology
EPSY 288 Behavioral
B. Jasti moved, A. Go seconded, approved unanimously.
III. New Programs/ Program Changes
College of the Pacific
Department of Religious & Classical Studies
Ancient Studies Minor
R. Khoie moved, A. Go seconded, approved unanimously.
Minor in Religious Studies
B. Klunk moved, A. Go seconded, approved unanimously.

IV.  Diversity Curriculum Requirement catalogue copy
Associate Dean Cynthia Dobbs presented the diversity requirement in catalogue copy. The committee recommended minor edits to the document. The requirement will be published in the university's catalog and the student tiger lore.
A. Go moved, A. Boboc seconded, 1 opposed, motion approved.

V. Report to Academic Council
The Executive Board from Academic Council has asked for an update of the committee's progress report toward accomplishing charge by December 9, 2009 along with a final report of activities and accomplishments due May 4th 2010. A log of course addition, revision, and deletions is kept for every academic year; the chair will submit the log with a cover letter on behalf of the committee for both deadlines.

VI. Calendar
Tabled, for December 3rd meeting.

VII. Adjourned at 3:56