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October 1, 2009

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of October 1st, 2009
University Center, 211

Call to Order: 3:10pm

Au, Bhattacharyya, Boboc, Go, Gundersen, Khoie, Kim, Klunk, Phillips
Not Present: Wheeler
Ex-Officio: Cecilia Rodriguez
Guests: Cynthia Dobbs, Gesine Gerhard, Arturo Ocampo

I. Election of Chair and Chair-Elect
Burr Phillips was elected as chair of the Academic Affairs committee and Rahim Khoie was elected to be chair-elect. B. Klunk moved, A. Boboc seconded, unanimously approved.

II. Approval of Minutes
Minutes of September 3rd were approved as submitted. F. Au moved, A. Boboc seconded, approved unanimously.  

III. Consent            
School of Engineering and Computer Science
ECPE041 Circuits
ECPE041L Circuits Laboratory
ECPE071 Digital Design
ECPE071L Digital Design Laboratory

School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Pharmacy Practice
PRAC 131 Managed Care - Formulary Management
R. Khoie moved to approve the consent agenda, B. Klunk seconded, approved unanimously.

College of the Pacific
Department of English

ENGL 193 Special Topics
Department of Theatre Arts
THEA 112 Playwriting

Benerd School of Education
Department of Educational Administration and Leadership

EADM 244: Strategies for Promoting Student Development

IV. Diversity Requirement
Arturo Ocampo, Cynthia Dobbs, and Gesine Gerhard presented the final Proposal for the Diversity Curriculum Requirement. The requirement will be implemented for freshmen fall 2010 and for transfers in fall 2011.The Diversity Advisory committee will be composed of a student, a representative from ethnic studies, gender studies and the Assistant Provost for Diversity will serve ex-officio.
R. Khoie moved to approve the Diversity Curriculum requirement for all incoming freshmen in Fall 2010 and transfer students fall 2011, the Diversity Advisory committee will return and update their progress on a Assessment Plan in Fall 2010, A. Go seconded, approved unanimously.  

V. Future Agenda Item Discussions
The committee will consider looking at offering undergraduate research at 1-4 units, currently most programs offer 2-4 units of undergraduate research. Is this acceptable? The discussion will be added to a future agenda.

VI. Adjourned at 3:52