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October 2, 2008

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of October 2, 2008
Taylor Room, Library

Call to Order: 3:05 pm

Present: Au, Batto, Boboc, Go, Gundersen, Jasti, Juarez, Khoie, McCallum, Phillips, Wheeler, Wilson
Ex-Officio: Peggy Rosson, Cecilia Rodriguez
Guests: Camilla Saviz

I. Minutes:
Minutes of September 4, 2008 were approved as submitted.
Batto moved, Jasti seconded, approved unanimously.

II. New Programs
School of Engineering and Computer Science
Minor in Sustainability
Camilla Saviz presented the proposed new Minor in the School of Engineering and Computer Science. Students and alumni have an interest in the minor and the committee gave full support. The minor gives a broader area of studies for students. The Program is LEED certified.
Phillips moved, Wilson seconded, approved unanimously.

III. Work over summer-
A discussion regarding approving consent agenda items over the summer was held. Items would likely be submitted after May through the end of August. The committee may meet either meet personally or virtually and approve urgent consent agenda items only, no program changes will be considered. It will not be a way for items to be approved at the last minute. The committee decided it was not a good idea and ended the discussion.

IV. Calendar
Academic Affairs sets the calendar for the academic year with recommendations from other departments ie: Registrar's Office, Housing etc. The discussion of changing the calendar came from faculty concern, ending the semester early would enable faculty to get support from different offices/departments when submitting grades. Lengthening a class hour cuts down time for faculty research, which lead to P&T questions and concerns. Research about WASC rules, hours and definitions of Carnegie Rules will be done. The discussion will continue at the next meeting.

V. Adjourned: 4:33pm