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October 4, 2007

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of October 4, 2007
Eberhardt School of Business
Weber Room 202

Call to Order: 3:04 p.m.

Present: Aslam, Batto, Boboc, Gundersen, MacArthur, Phillips, Rodriguez, Sparks, Wilson

Not Present: Golanbari, McCallum, Muskal

Special Guests: Cindy Ostberg, Ann Perkins

Minutes: Minutes of September 6th, approved with one edit (Updated on New Proposals for ACC suggested deadline for new programs introduction should be February '08 not '09.) 

Consent Agenda Items: 
Gundersen and Wilson directed the committee regarding the purpose of the committee and instructions on the Consent Agenda. All Consent Agenda can be reviewed and approved as a whole. Motion approved and accepted.

Program Changes:
Pacific Legal Scholar's Program
Changes to the existing program proposal were introduced by Ostberg, Political Science Department, and Director of the Legal Scholars Program. Ostberg commented that in 14 years only two people have completed the previous program. The committee and taskforce were put together by the direction of the Provost to review the Pacific Legal program to strengthen it. Mosley suggested the additional 3 tracks (freshman standing including transfer students from Delta) and/or 4 tracks. Part of the motivation of this program is to introduce the students to the McGeorge School of Law. The original one unit classes were created to increase a communal environment to these students and create a cohort mentality. Recruiting is the major hurdle and at present there are 150 honor students on campus 110 are pre-pharmacy/pre-dental, which leaves about 40 students to pull from. This program will adhere with Pacific Risings goals.

A question of whether we would offer extra financial incentives. The Law School agreed to extend the Region scholarship of $10,000 and a $1,200-$1,500 for books in the first year of law school. Ostberg will pursue additional scholarship options in addition to the Founder's Scholarship, Presidents Scholarship, etc. Motion approved and accepted.

The College
Revision to B.A. in Music, Emphasis in Music Management
The rationality behind this revision is to eliminate the four semester piano requirements. The request will be resubmitted changing the following date of [If approved, effective incoming class in Fall of 2007 should be 2008.] Motion approved and accepted.

Deadline for Approval New Academic Program
The purpose is to have an approved program, date and time as a guideline for the students. This allows students to clearly follow catalog year for Program of Study. Timeline will be posted on line and all departments and/or faculty adhere to the process. Review of the document for deadline approval and will be active February 2008. Motion approved and accepted.

Residency Policy
Perkins discussion ensued clarifying residence requirements for a bachelor's degree program and the steering committee's strategy and purpose. This change in language is clarification only and does not reflect policy change. The Policy will be added to next month's meeting as an "action item" to provide enough time for additional review. 

Grade Replacement/Averaging Policy
Perkins shared that Grade Replacement/Averaging Policy is not accurate and has become problematic. Three options were outline; grade replacement only, grad averaging only and no change from current policy. CAPP Recommendation is to eliminate all grade replacements and only allow grade averaging for repeated courses. Gundersen ensued discussion regarding grade manipulation. Gundersen and MacArthur agreed that Pacific has a very generous safety net in place its students and helps with important for life situation and extenuating circumstances. All agreed that the GPA should reflect the academic value and maturity of the student. No action presented.

Acceptance Test Score Units
Computer treats test credit as transfer credit. This policy proposes all test scores come in as transfer credit up to a maximum of 28 units, after which content only is granted. This policy would be ideal for the degree audit system. Based on data regarding the possible use of AP/IB units in GE, the vast majority of students would continue to meet most of the GE requirements at Pacific. Batto felt that he needed a more in-depth discussion and that we should have one policy for the entire campus.

Adjourned: 4:55 p.m.