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October 5, 2006

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of October 5, 2006
Burns Tower

Present: Newman Peery, Christine Wilson, Jean Purnell, Fred Muskal, Ken Day

Absent: Michael Sokol, Michael Golanbari, Nathan Batto

Guests: Edie Sparks, Larry Spreer, Bill Ford, Sarah Merz
Christine Wilson opened the meeting at 3:15 p.m.


Approval of Minutes
Motion: Ken Day moved, Christine Wilson seconded to approve the September 7, 2006 minutes.
Motion unanimously approved.

Election of Chair and Chair-Elect
Motion: Christine Wilson moved, Fred Muskal seconded to nominate Newman Peery for Chairperson.
Motion unanimously approved.

Motion: Newman Peery moved, Fred Muskal seconded to nominate Christine Wilson for Chair-Elect.
Motion unanimously approved.
Consent Agenda
Motion: Fred Muskal moved, Newman Peery seconded to approve the Consent Agenda.
Motion unanimously approved.
Proposal to Modify Course/Program Forms
Modifying the course/program forms will allow greater access in Banner for transcript information. This will allow support of the CAPP Program. The Registrar has requested that the faculty begin using the revised forms. The forms will be published on the Academic Affairs Committee web site and available for use in a month.


Program Change
The College

Existing Major:
Current program offers five emphasis areas in Communication; Communication Theory, Interpersonal Communication, Mass Communication, Public Relations, and Rhetoric and Public Address.

Proposed Major: Revision (and Deletion) of its program by offering three new emphasis areas; Communication Education, Political Communication, and Media and Public Relations. Revise its program by offering both a thesis and non-thesis option. Revise its curriculum to support the three new emphasis areas and the thesis and non-thesis options.
Motion: Newman Peery moved, Fred Muskal seconded to approve the revision of the program and the courses.

Program Review
English/Film Studies

A new member, Cathie McClellan, has been proposed for addition to the English/Film Studies Panel. The panel will secure a student that can be approved by ASUOP and AAC to serve on the panel.
Motion: Ken Day moved, Fred Muskal seconded to approve the addition of Cathie McClellan to the English/Film Studies panel.
Motion unanimously approved.

Bill Ford, Panel Chairperson (Computer Science), and Larry Spreer, Panel Member, (Chemistry) stated the sources of information that were used to prepare the report and the panel’s recommendations. Sara Merz, Department Chairperson, is satisfied with the recommendations and the panel report. The department submitted a written response. It was stated that there is a good possibility of advertising next fall for a tenure-track position.

Motion: Newman Peery moved, Fred Muskal seconded to approve the process followed by the Mathematics Program Review panel.
Motion passed unanimously.

Motion: Newman Peery moved, Fred Muskal seconded to approve the panel report and enthusiastically accept the recommendations of the Mathematics panel.

Discussion followed.
Motion unanimously approved.


Policy on Academic Minor
This action item was Tabled by Ken Day.

Meeting adjourned at 4:20 pm

Submitted by
Rosie Fox, Secretary
Academic Affairs Committee