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October 6, 2011

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of October 6, 2011
Library Community Room

Present: M. Bhattacharyya, E. Boyce, M. Draheim, B. Gundersen, A. Richard, G. Rohlf, E. Typpo, S. Waltz
Ex-Officio:  A. Gillen, L. Matz
Not Present: A. Boboc, B. Jasti, P. Rosson
Guests: Lydia Fox, Peggy Kay, Lisa Wrischnick

Call to order:  3:06pm 

I. Approval of Minutes for September 1, 2011
E. Boyce moved to approve, M. Draheim seconded, minutes approved.

II. Consent
Benerd School of Education
EPSY311 California Law and Professional Ethics (change of course title) from summer agenda

Eberhardt School of Business
BUSI 169 Comparative Management (change in course title)

School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Pharmacy Practice
PRAC 152 Practicum I Teaching Assistant
PRAC 121 Basic Life Support
PRAC 123 Health Care Delivery Systems
PRAC 128 Gerontology and Geriatric Therapy
PRAC 138 Behavioral Medicine in Pharmaceutical Care
PRAC 145 Foundations of Clinical Outcomes Research
PRAC 146 Developmental Disabilities
PRAC 147 Pharmaceutical Care in Chronic Conditions
PRAC 148 Introductory Biostatistics
PRAC 165 Business Law for Pharmacists
PRAC 191 Pharmacy Practicum
PRAC 135 Student Journal Club (adding pre-req "or higher")
hysiology & Pharmacology
PHRM 185 Advanced Pharmacy Practice Elective II (adding pre-req PHRM 184)
Pharmaceutics & Medicinal Chemistry
PMED 121 Professional Communications & Interviewing (reducing pre-req to Doctor of Pharmacy Student)
PMED 143 Teaching Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory I (deleting pre-req PHAR 113, and increasing pre-req "not on probation, no failed or No Credit in any required pharmacy course")
PMED 153 Pharmaceutical Compounding (changing pre-req to completion of first year of pharm. Curr.)
Physical Therapy
PTHR 327 Clinical Observations II
PTHR 314 Introduction to Physical Therapy and Clinical Observations I (change in course title)
PTHR 359 Clinical Internship I (increase length of internship from 6 to 8 weeks)
Speech Language Pathology
SLPA 227 Auditory Processing Disorders
SLPA 239 Assessment Procedures
SLPA 251 Behavior Modification for SLPs
SLPA 283 Diagnostics Lab
SLPA 147 Neuroanatomy and Physiology
SLPA 213 Advanced Audiology
SLPA 221 Motor Speech Disorders
SLPA 205 Adult Neurological Disorders (Change in course title)
E. Boyce moved to approve consent agenda items, A. Richard seconded, unanimously approved.

III. Program Changes
Benerd School of Education
Ed.S. Education Specialist in School Psychology
Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology with a specialization in School Psychology
E. Boyce moved to approve, M. Draheim seconded, unanimously approved.

IV. Retroactive Grade Change- Lydia Fox
A mistake was made for spring 2011 GEO 161 course, the department thought the banner code of 'graded' meant letter grade, but it actually was listed as a pass/no credit.  Instructor did not realize the course was not approved for letter grades until semester was over and he tried to enter letter grades.  One student has graduated from the university.  Lydia Fox is asking this body to approve a retroactive grade change for these students.  The curriculum committee of the college supports this retroactive grade change. G. Rohlf made a motion to take no action, seconded by E. Boyce, Motion approved, with one vote of opposition abstention.

V. Academic Calendar- Lisa Wrischnik
Request to revisit the academic calendar approved by the academic council in May 2009.  Lisa's understanding when semesters were reduced to 15 weeks, was that an assumption was made that there would be a longer break between fall and spring semesters.  However, it doesn't always work out this way due to commencement being held first weekend in May and backtracking dates, also due to requirement for 1 week off between last day of summer session and first day of fall session.  Lisa is here to let committee know that faculty may be surprised at actual results of new calendar.  Link to New Academic Calendar: 

VI. Honors Priority Registration- Lisa Wrischnik
Memo submitted by George Randels, Honors Program Director, requesting priority registration for honors students.  George was unable to attend meeting and Lisa Wrischnik addressed issue with committee.  A program review was done and the consultant stated that giving honors students priority registration would help our program compare favorably with competing institutions. Tabled - Spring Registration dates already set.  Information will be provided to Lisa Wrischnik on how proposal was made by Athletics Department for student athletes to have priority registration.

VII. Syllabi Repository- Peggy Kay
Provost charged OIT to set up a syllabi repository, short term for WASC needs.  Goal is to fill a longer term need of having syllabi available to current and prospective students.  Each school will determine how the upload to the system will be done.  The short term repository will be available on November 1, 2011.  Further discussion will be necessary for the permanent long term goal.  Considering a pilot using a Microsoft Sharepoint, a collaboration tool.

VIII. Course Syllabus Requirements 'Checklist'
Victoria Oliva announced that she will update the Provost Academic Affairs website to reflect the same requirements as listed in the Faculty Handbook, because it currently is missing one item.

IX. Unit-level Curriculum Committees- Greg Rohlf
Handout distributed by G. Rohlf.  He prepared a list of the unit curriculum committee chairs for 2011-2012. He also distributed a handout from Lou Matz, College Curriculum Committee, New Program and New Course Checklists and Supplemental Material.

X. Education Abroad minimum GPA
Tabled - Berit Gundersen not available.

XI. Election of Chair-Elect
Eric Typpo was elected as Chair-Elect for Academic Affairs.

XII. What's on your mind?
Ann Gillen, University Registrar, announced that she will be sending out an e-mail inviting committee members to attend a presentation by 2 vendors who are being considered for a catalog and curriculum management software system.  The dates are October 11th and 14th.

Chair Battacharyya introduced the new administrative support person for this committee, Lourdes Reyes, located on the 6th floor of Burns Tower.  She will replace Victoria Oliva.

Eric Boyce made a motion that we "close the loop" and have the administrative support person notify the contact person, in writing, on all course additions, revisions, deletions, once this committee has taken action on the item. S. Waltz seconded.  Motion approved, with one abstention.

Adjourned: 4:51pm