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October 7, 2010

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of October 7, 2010
Pine Room

Present: M. Bhattacharyya, A. Boboc, E. Boyce, A. Gillen, B. Gundersen, B. Jasti, D. Keefe, R. Khoie, B. Klunk, E. Typpo, S. Waltz
Not Present:, A. Go, L. Matz, P. Rosson,
Ex-Officio:  George Carpenter, Mike Rogers

Call to order: 3:05pm

I Approval of Minutes for September 2nd, 2010; M. Bhattacharyya moved to approve, E. Boyce seconded, unanimously approved.

II. Consent Agenda      
Eberhardt School of Business
MMGT15 Entertainment Law
S. Waltz moved to approve course MMGT15, pending a revised syllabus be submitted to the Provost Office, which includes all the required syllabus elements, D. Keefe seconded, unanimously approved.

III. Policy for Book Selection, Lou Matz

IV.  Academic Affairs Forms
The committee discussed the changes to the New Course Proposal Form, the Revision to Existing Course Proposal Form and the Deletion Course Proposal Form. A new Course Description Revision form will be added to use when the only change to an existing course is in catalog copy. Revisions to all forms include adding and term effective date, making them user friendly and converting them to a fill able format. The program forms will also be updated and available for committee review at a future meeting.

B. Jasti moved to approve the revisions to the New Course Proposal, E. Typpo seconded, unanimously approved.

E. Boyce moved to approve
the revisions to the Revision to Existing Course Proposal and have the form return to the committee for one last review, S. Waltz seconded, unanimously approved.

B. Klunk moved to approve the revisions to the Delete a Course Proposal, E. Boyce seconded, unanimously approved.

B. Boboc moved to approve the new Course Description Revision S. Waltz seconded, unanimously approved.

V. EER Team Four Report

VI. Online Electronic Course Evaluation, George Carpenter
George Carpenter from Institutional Research has developed a course evaluation program that replaces Digital Measures.  The online evaluation is tailored for Pacific’s environment, it is user friendly, and will be housed and supported by IR. The program is currently in beta testing and feedback will be collected from faculty, students and administrators. Production of the program will go live by November and all schools and colleges will be using the system by May 2011.

VII. Adjournment