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September 1, 2005

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of September 1, 2005
McCaffrey Center Spruce Room

Present: Berit Gundersen, Jean Purnell, Chris Goff, Robert Coburn, Gigi Gokcek

Guests: Patrick Langham, David Chase

Berit Gundersen, Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.

I. Welcome, Introduction of Members; Role of the Committee
Academic Affairs Committee Chairperson Berit Gundersen opened the meeting, welcomed the members, and gave an overview of the committee responsibilities. The 2005-2006 committee members introduced themselves.

II. Approval of Minutes
May 5, 2005
Motion: Berit Gundersen moved, Jean Purnell seconded to approve the minutes.
Motion unanimously approved.

III. Consent Agenda
Motion: Robert Coburn moved, Newman Peery seconded to approve the consent agenda.
Motion unanimously approved.

IV. Program Review
Jean Purnell gave an overview of the programs under recent review. Departments under review should be completed in 2 years but often the reviews have a tendency to proceed on their own schedule. Provost Gilbertson will address the committee on 5 completed reviews (Computer Science, Political Science, Pharmacy, Education, and General Education). The History Department underwent a special review and a report may be acted on in the fall.

V. Program Changes
Patrick Langham and David Chase provided an overview of the new Major: Bachelor of Arts in Music, Jazz Studies Emphasis. There is a demand by students and an interest in jazz studies by non-majors. The Conservatory would begin the program in fall 2006.

  • Course enrollment is open to any Conservatory student
  • 20 Students will be added to the program over a 4-year period
  • Third year studies will combine technique with research

The Brubeck Institute resources will augment the program. This program will not take resources away from the existing programs. Recruiting will be done this year for the first class.
Motion: Newman Peery moved, Robert Coburn seconded to approve the Jazz Studies major and attached course forms.
Motion unanimously approved.

VI. Undergraduate Graduation with Honors Policy
The Council of Assistant/Associate Deans (CAD) met on May 23, 2005 and recommended that the graduation programs statement and the policy approved by the Academic Affairs Committee on February 3, 2005 be combined and modified to state:

The list of names as it appears in this program includes actual and potential graduates for the 2004- 2005 academic year. The above “graduation with honors” distinctions are contingent upon final grade point average calculations at the completion of all relevant degree requirements. The official list of graduates and honors awarded for each graduation date of the 2004-2005 year is maintained by the University Registrar.

CAD also recommended the “Graduating with Honors” University-wide Policy be modified to read (modifications in red):

1. Whether students graduate with “Honors,” “High Honors,” or “Highest Honors” will be based on the student’s final Institutional (Pacific) grade point average.

2. The student must have completed a minimum of 54 letter-graded units at Pacific.

3. The requirements are:

a. Cum Laude – 3.5
b. Magna Cum Laude – 3.7
c. Summa Cum Laude – 3.9

4. This distinction will be noted in the commencement programs based on their [spring] fall transcripts, with a disclaimer at the bottom of the page which reads:

The above “Graduation with Honors” distinctions are contingent upon final grade point average calculations at the completion of all relevant coursework. (This program was printed up prior to the end of the Spring Semester.)

All students participating in the Graduation ceremony will be afforded this recognition.

This will unify the process. Currently the units are using different approaches.
Motion: Chris Goff moved, Robert Coburn seconded to change this agenda item from a Discussion to an Action item.
Motion unanimously approved.

Motion: Berit Gundersen moved, Robert Coburn seconded to approve combining the two statements and the amended “Graduating with Honors” University-wide Policy.
Motion unanimously approved.

VII. Review of Policy on Minors
The only known University-wide policy regarding minors is an ad-hoc subcommittee proposal adopted by Academic Affairs in 1985. There is no current policy replacing the 1985 report. Berit Gundersen recommended the committed revisit the ’85 policy and draft a revision incorporating current practices. The draft may be reviewed by the CAD.
Chris Goff expressed an interest in serving on the subcommittee. Two committee members would examine the policy. Cecilia Rodriguez, Registrar, will be invited to the October meeting to provide any information on the minor policy. Robert Coburn suggested that action on the policy be postponed until the October meeting when more members are in attendance.

VIII. Adjournment
Berit Gundersen adjourned the meeting at 4:08 p.m.

Submitted by
Rosie Fox, Secretary
Academic Affairs Committee