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September 2, 2010

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of September 2, 2010
DeRosa University Center 211

Present: M. Bhattacharyya, A. Boboc, E. Boyce, A. Gillen, B. Gundersen, D. Keefe, R. Khoie, B. Klunk, L. Matz, P. Rosson, E. Typpo, S. Waltz
Not Present: A. Go, B. Jasti
Ex-Officio:  Scott Christensen, Lewis Gale, Gregg Jongeward, George Randels, Steve Wheeler

Call to order: 3:08pm
I.  Approval of Minutes- B. Klunk moved to approve the minutes of May 6, 2010, approved unanimously.

II. Election of Chair Elect
Nominations for chair-elect were discussed, Mouchumi Bhattacharyya accepted to become chair-elect; B. Klunk moved to approve, R. Khoie seconded, approved.

III. Consent Agenda      
Eberhardt School of Business
BUSI 148 Promotions Management
E. Boyce moved to approve BUSI148, A. Boboc seconded, approved.

Conservatory of Music
MMGT 111 Music Industry Analysis
MMGT 153 Entertainment Law
MMGT 199 Exit Examination
B. Klunk moved to approve the MMGT courses with the understanding that the Provost Office communicates the requirements for syllabus and grading policies, D. Keefe seconded, approved.

School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
PRAC 156 Opportunities in Pharmacy Practice
A. Boboc moved to approve, M. Bhattacharyya seconded, approved.

IV. Program Changes
Eberhardt School of Business
BUSI 23 Business Communications
E. Boyce moved to approve, E. Typpo seconded, approved.

Revision to BS in Business Administration
Addition of new course BUSI 25
Deletion of Real Estate Concentration
BUSI 128 Real Estate Valuation & Investment
BUSI 129 Real Estate Finance
Change in pre-requisite
Change to require course status
E. Boyce moved to approve, A. Boboc seconded, 6 approved, 1 opposed, 1 abstention; motion approved.

School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Doctor of Pharmacy
A. Boboc moved to approve, M. Bhattacharyya seconded, 7 approved, 1 abstention; motion approved.

V. Honors Program Planning and Self Study
The Honors Program self study review was completed. The committee has oversight of the process and can accept the recommendations. The committee reviewed and approved the self study process, reviewed the quality of the report and the determined that the criteria was met. It was suggested for all future reports that are reviewed by the committee provide a clear summary of outcomes for the review. E. Boyce moved for the committee to recommend the review be advanced, B. Klunk seconded, 7 approved, 1 abstention, approved.

VI.  iPad Proposal
Scott Christensen proposed for the purchase of I Pads for the voting members of the Academic Affairs to use while serving on the committee.  This would allow members to review documents during meetings and not feel the need to print complete documents to bring with them.  This would have a huge impact on paper use, and increase the efficiency of the committee. Scott will present the proposal for funding to the TEC committee.

VII.  Assessment Discussion
The topic of classroom assessment will be a standing item on the agenda. Eileen McFall will attend the meetings periodically on discussions. Members were provided a Classroom Assessment Techniques, a reference book.

VIII. Adjourned: 5:12pm