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September 3, 2009

Academic Affairs Committee       
Minutes of September 3, 2009
University Center, 211

Call to Order: 3:15pm

Present: Au, Bhattacharyya, Boboc, Go, Gundersen, Khoie, Wheeler
Not Present: Phillips
Ex-Officio: Peggy Rosson, Cecilia Rodriguez, Edie Sparks
Guests: Mike McCallum, Arturo Ocampo

I. Minutes: Minutes of May 7th , 2009 were approved as submitted.
A. Boboc moved, R. Khoie seconded, approved unanimously.
II.  Consent       
School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Pharmacy Practice
PRAC141 Medicare Part D- Fundamentals, Application and Outreach
PRAC176a Anticoagulation Clinic Rotation
PRAC176b Antimicrobial Drug Monitoring Rotation
PRAC176c Critical Care Rotation
PRAC176d Drug Information Rotation
PRAC176e Cardiology Rotation
PRAC176f Clinical Pharmacokinetics Rotation
PRAC176g Gynecology (OB/GYN) Rotation
PRAC176h Home Health Care Rotation
PRAC176i Industrial Pharmacy Rotation
PRAC176j Geriatrics/ Long Term Care Facility Rotation
PRAC176k Psychopharmacy Rotation
PRAC176l Institutional Pharmacy Administration Rotation
PRAC176m Community Pharmacy Management Rotation
PRAC176n Neurology Rotation
PRAC176o Oncology Rotation
PRAC176p Pediatrics Rotation
PRAC176q Quality Assurance Rotation
PRAC176r Non-Prescription Therapy and Management Rotation
PRAC176s Surgery Rotation
PRAC176t Total Parenteral Nutrition Rotation
PRAC176u Drug Utilization Review Rotation
PRAC176v Association Management Rotation
PRAC176x Poison Control Rotation
PRAC176y Women's Health Rotation
PRAC176z Advanced Community Rotation
PRAC177 Elective Rotation
PRAC181 Advanced Elective Rotation
PRAC182 Advanced Elective Rotation
R. Khoie moved, A. Go seconded, approved unanimously.

III.  Election of Chair
The chair will be selected at next month's meeting.

IV.  Class Time Blocks
Mike McCallum and Cecilia Rodriguez presented a sample of a standard time block schedule. The Registrar has the ability to change time blocks and is presenting to Affairs and Academic Council for information. Issues to be addressed may include IT support for evening courses; facility issues i.e. locked doors/buildings. As past procedure, any secondary time blocks will need to be approved by the Dean.

V.  Undergraduate Diversity Curriculum Requirement
Assistant Provost Arturo Ocampo gave an overview of the diversity requirement, an open forum will be held tomorrow for final campus input. He will return for approval at next month's meeting; if approved the requirement will be implemented beginning Fall 2010. More details will follow on additional sessions for the Diversity Curriculum workshop.

VI: Adjourned at 3:52