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September 4, 2003

Academic Affairs Committee

Minutes of September 4, 2003

McCaffrey Center Spruce Room


Present: Bob Cox, Jean Purnell, Eric Typpo, Ash Brown, Susan Sample, Vivian Snyder, Keith Hilton, Christopher Goff, Robert Coburn, Lisa Nowinski, Paul Kozina, Jack Nagle, Barbara Shaw, Cecilia Rodriguez


Absent: None


Guests: Dennis Brennan, Pat Catania


Chair Bob Cox called the meeting to order at 3:10 p.m.


I.       Welcome of the new faculty members and student representatives

Chair Cox outlined the official charge of the committee which has responsibility only for the Stockton campus.  He reviewed the process of making recommendations to the Academic Affairs Committee.  


II.     Approval of Minutes

May 15, 2003

Motion: Ash Brown moved, Keith Hilton seconded to approve the minutes.
Motion unanimously approved.


III.    Consent Agenda

Motion: Vivian Snyder moved, Ash Brown seconded to accept the revision and addition of courses submitted by Pharmacy.

Motion unanimously approved.


Motion: Vivian Snyder moved, Susan Sample seconded to accept the revision of a course submitted by Speech-Language Pathology.

Motion unanimously approved.


Motion: Susan Sample moved, Chris Goff seconded to accept the addition of a course submitted by School of International Studies (INTL 113L Video Lab for World Geography). 


Motion: Vivian Snyder moved, Ash Brown seconded to table the agenda item INTL 113L until further information is available to the committee.  

Motion approved with 2 abstentions.


IV.    Program Review

Bob Cox commented on the development of the 2003-04 Program Review panels.  A request was submitted to Chair Cox to expand the Geosciences panel by an additional faculty member.

Motion: Keith Hilton moved, Ash Brown seconded to expand the Geosciences panel to include additional faculty. 

Motion unanimously approved.


Motion: Ash Brown moved, Vivian Snyder moved to approve the current list of Program Review panel members.

Motion unanimously approved.


V.     Program Changes

Benerd School of Education

Name Change From:    Department of Educational Administration and Foundations

Name Change To:         Department of Educational Administration and Leadership

Dennis Brennan, Chair, Educational Administration and Foundations, stated the rationale for the name change.  The Foundations programs have been phased out and the addition of two new programs in administrative leadership – the College Student Affairs master’s degree program and the doctoral program for community college administrators in partnership with CSUS-have accented the increasing importance of educational leadership. 

Motion: Ash Brown moved, Susan Sample seconded to approve the program change.

Motion passed unanimously.


VI.    Grade Averaging Policy for Graduate and First Professional Programs

Pharm D program has been using Grade Replacement since 1999/2000.  The Pharmacy faculty decided last semester, spring 2003, to return to Grade Averaging-effective fall 2003.  Professor Pat Catania was present to answer any questions from the committee.

Chair Cox has asked for data from Planning and Research to review possible abuse or potential problem with the grade replacement policy.  This information would be reviewed by the assistant deans.


VII.  Old Business

Chair Cox invited members to attend the Academic Council meeting on Thursday, September 11, 2003 to hear action on the Speech-Language Pathology Program Review Report.



Motion: Christopher Goff moved, Ash Brown seconded to adjourn.

Motion unanimously approved.



Meeting adjourned at 4:20 p.m.



Submitted by

Rosie Fox, Secretary

Academic Affairs Committee