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September 6, 2007

Academic Affairs Committee
Minutes of September 6, 2007
McCaffrey Center Pine Room

Call to Order: 3:04 p.m.

Present:  Mike McCallum, Fred Muskal, Christine Wilson, Burr Phillips, Nadia Aslam,  Barbara Shaw, Cecilia Rodriguez, Berit Gundersen

Not Present:  Nathan Batto, Michael Golanbari, Ken Day
Special Guests:  Edie Sparks, Peggy Rosson

Minutes:  Minutes of May 3rd approved with no edits. 
Current Agenda Items:
Barbara Shaw discussed problems with positioning of starting dates for courses.  The end dates for summer poses a problem for students in faculty housing as they are transferred out before the session has ended for preparation of next term.  Overlapping schedules are a problem and Shaw called for proposals of possible solutions prior to the next meeting.  Shaw invited email responses to the problem of terms ending on public holidays and housing problems and invited Lynn Fox’s input for revenue concerns relating to course term changes.  It was suggested that a faculty representative be on the committee to comment and provide input on the undergraduate calendar.

McCallum also mentioned a one week delay after course commencement with using the chemistry laboratory and volunteered to help out with faculty.  Two other students will be joining the Committee and it is hoped that one will be interested in representing the housing issue.

Ideally the proposed changes will be in place by Fall ’09.  Admissions would need to be prepared along with the publishing of materials by May.  McCallum suggested resolutions be in by November/December, allowing changes to take place by Spring.  It was suggested that one year may be necessary to discuss major changes, i.e. extension of semesters.

Update on New Proposals for AAC

Berit Gundersen discussed the approval process for New Programs.  The suggested deadline for new programs being introduced is February ‘08.  Edie Sparks discussed concerns with all relevant units being prepared for necessary changes and the dissemination of information pertaining to those changes.  It was agreed that communications be forwarded to the Chair. 

All actions to the Committee should be published.  The Dean is to be notified of changes.

Chair Elections
Christine Wilson invited people to reflect on Chair elections for next meeting.

Adjourned:  3:45 pm.