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October 4, 2007

Academic Affairs Committee
Eberhardt School of Business, Weber Room 202
October 4, 2007
3:00 - 5:00 PM


I. Approval of Minutes  (Action)
 September 6, 2007

II. Consent Agenda (Action)
 Department of Music Studies, Conservatory of Music
 From:  MMGT 141  Music Product Practicum (2-4 units)
 To    :  MMGT 141  Music Products Practicum (1-4 units)

 MMGT81 How to Run an Independent Record Label
 Dental Hygiene/School of Dentistry
 From:  DHYG 113  Oral Radiology
 To    :  DHYG 113  Oral Radiology – lecture
 DHYG 118  Oral Radiology – lab 
Civil Engineering/School of Engineering and Computer Science
 From:  CIVL  60 Aquatic Chemistry
 To    :  CIVL 060 Water Quality
III. Program Changes   (Action)
 Political Science/College of the Pacific
 The Pacific Legal Scholars Program
 POLS 60   Legal Study Seminar - Fall
 POLS 62   Legal Practice Seminar- Spring
 POLS 175 Legal Writing and Research Seminar
The College
Dept. of Music Studies, Conservatory of Music
B.A. in Music, Emphasis in Music Management
IV. Deadline for Approval New Academic Program    (Action)
V. CAPP           (Information/Action)
 Residency Policy
 Grade Replacement/Averaging Policy
 Acceptance of Test Score Units

VI. Adjournment