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Academic Affairs Committee Documents: November 6, 2014

Consent Agenda
Minutes - October 2, 2014

Course Changes -
College of the Pacific
Department of Religious & Classical Studies
CLAS 051 Classical Mythology
CLAS 100 History of Ancient Greece
CLAS 102 History of Ancient Rome
CLAS 110 Reading Greek Literature in English
CLAS 112 Reading Roman Literature in English
CLAS 115 Topics in Mythology and Religion
CLAS 120 Sexuality in Greek Society
CLAS 122 Sexuality in Roman Society
CLAS 130 Greek Art and Architecture
CLAS 132 Roman Art and Architecture
LATN 023 Intermediate Latin, Third Semester
LATN 025 Intermediate Latin, Fourth Semester

CLAS 191 Independent Study
CLAS 193 Special Topics
GREK 011A First Year Ancient Greek, First Semester
GREK 011B First Year Ancient Greek, Second Semester
GREK 023 Intermediate Greek, Third Semester
GREK 025 Intermediate Greek, Fourth Semester
GREK 127 Advanced Greek
LATN 011A First-Year Latin, First Semester
LATN 011B First-Year Latin, Second Semester
LATN 127 Advanced Latin
Department of Theatre Arts
THEA 193A Acting for the Camera

School of Education
Office of the Provost
Educational Resource Center
READ 031 Reading for College
READ 051 Reading Efficiency Development
READ 061 Study Efficiency

School of Engineering & Computer Science
Department of Computer Science
COMP 055 Application Programming (title change)
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECPE 121 Systems Analysis (title and prerequisite change)

Conservatory of Music
Department of Music Composition
MCOM 002 Fundamental Structures (title change)
Department of Music Management
MMGT 005 Introduction to Music Industry Technology
MMGT 009 Musical Elements
MMGT 021A Follow the Money I 
MMGT 021B Follow the Money II
MMGT 050 Music Industry Forum
MMGT 090 Portfolio Review I
MMGT 130 Popular Songwriting
MMGT 180 Senior Project Proposal
MMGT 185 Senior Project
MMGT 190A-B Portfolio Review II & III
MMGT 190C Portfolio Presentation 
MMGT 010 Freshman Seminar in Music Management (title change)
MMGT 081 How to Run an Independent Record Label (title/sequence and pre-requisite change)
MMGT 196 Senior Seminar in Music Management (title change)
MMGT 199 Music Management Exit Examination (unit change)
Department of Music Performance
MAPP 001E Voice Class (location addition)
Department of Music Therapy
MTHR 011 Music as Therapy: A Survey of Clinical Applications (location addition)
MTHR 018 Basic Music Skills for Music Therapists and Allied Professionals (location addition)
MTHR 020 Observation and Assessment in Music Therapy (location addition)
MTHR 135 Music with Children in Inclusive Settings: Therapeutic and Educational Applications (location addition)
MTHR 140 Psychology of Music (location addition)
MTHR 141 Music Therapy in Mental Health and Social Services (location addition)
MTHR 142 Music Therapy in Medicine and Healthcare (location addition)
MTHR 150 Fieldwork in Music Therapy (location addition)
MTHR 187 Internship in Music Therapy (location addition)

School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Department of Pharmaceutics & Medicinal Chemistry
PMED 132 Bench Research in Protein Chemistry and Molecular Biology
Department of Pharmacy Practice
PRAC 110 Developing Effective Learning Strategies
PRAC 153 Introduction to Spanish for the Pharmacy Professional I
PRAC 154 Introduction to Spanish for the Pharmacy Professional I - Teaching Assistant
PRAC 166 Becoming an Advanced Practice Pharmacist (APP) Practitioner 
Department of Speech Language Pathology
AUDI 301 Anatomy and Physiology of Hearing
AUDI 303 Instrumentation 

AUDI 305 Audiologic Assessment I
AUDI 307 Audiologic Assessment II 

AUDI 309 Audiologic Assessment III
AUDI 311 Audiologic Assessment IV
AUDI 313 Audiologic Assessment V
AUDI 315 Amplification I
AUDI 317 Amplification II
AUDI 319 Amplification III 

AUDI 321 Auditory Implants
AUDI 323 Pediatric Aural Rehabilitation
AUDI 325 Adult Aural Rehabilitation 

AUDI 327 Auditory Verbal Therapy
AUDI 329 Pediatric Audiological Assessment_UNHS
AUDI 331 Vestibular Assessment 

AUDI 333 Vestibular Treatment
AUDI 335 Speech and Language Development
AUDI 337 Speech-Language Pathology for Audiologists 

AUDI 339 American Sign Language
AUDI 341 Psychoacoustics
AUDI 343 Research Methods  

AUDI 345 Hearing Disorders
AUDI 347 Tinnitus Assessment and Treatment
AUDI 349 Industrial Audiology 

AUDI 351 Audiology Report Writing
AUDI 353 Professional Issues
AUDI 355 Practice Management 

AUDI 357 Pharmacology
AUDI 385A Audiology Practicum I
AUDI 385B Audiology Practicum II  

AUDI 385C Audiology Practicum III
AUDI 387A Internship I
AUDI 387B Internship II
AUDI 388A Externship I
AUDI 388B Externship II
AUDI 388C Externship III
AUDI 389A Externship Seminar I
AUDI 389B Externship Seminar II
AUDI 389C Externship Seminar III

Office of the Provost
University Writing Programs
WRIT 001 Academic Writing 1 
WRIT 002 Academic Writing 2 
WRIT 010 Accelerated Academic Writing 
WRIT 017 Writing from Cultural Perspectives
WRIT 019 Basic Writing
WRIT 021 Writing for College

II. Program Changes
College of the Pacific
School of International Studies
BA International Relations (add option for math requirement)
BA Development & Cultural Change (add option for math requirement)
BA International Affairs & Commerce (add option for math requirement)

Conservatory of Music
Equivalency Program in Music Therapy (addition of San Francisco Campus)

III. Department Name Change Proposal
Department of Religious & Classical Studies