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Academic Affairs Committee Documents: December 4, 2014

Consent Agenda
Minutes - November 6, 2014

Course Changes -
University Wide
Honors Program
HONR 021 Freshman Honors Activities I
HONR 023 Freshman Honors Activities II

College of the Pacific
Department of Communication
COMM 117 Political Advocacy (title and GE Status change)
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
GEOS 102 Spatial Analysis and GIS (title and course description change)
GEOS 106 Earth Materials and Environment (title, prerequisite and course description change)
GEOS 112 Sedimentary Petrology (title, prerequisite and course description change)
GEOS 148 Hydrogeology (title, prerequisite and course description change)
GEOS 185 Capstone Seminar in Environmental Science (title, prerequisite, and course description change)
Department of Economics
ECON 173 Strategic Games and Behavior
ECON 199 Economic Analysis Capstone
ECON 118 Globalization History: Economic, Environmental and Demographic Interaction
ECON 150 Wealth and Debt

ECON 051 Economics Principles and Problems (course description and credit change)
ECON 161 Computer Applications in Economics (title and prerequisite change)
ECON 190 Econometrics (prerequisite change)
Department of English
ENGL 039 Introduction to Digital Humanities
Department of General Education
PACS 001P Pacific Seminar 1 Plus
PACS 001 Pacific Seminar 1 (Prerequisite addition)
Department of Health, Exercise & Sport Sciences
HESP 135 Sports Nutrition (title and prerequisite change)
Department of Religious & Classical Studies
RELI 039 Introduction to Digital Humanities
RELI 051 Classical Mythology
Department of Theatre Arts
THEA 115 Theatre History: 1800-Present (Prerequisite elimination)

School of Engineering and Computer Science
MS Analytics
ANLT 201 Linear Algebra for Data Science
ANLT 202 Statistics for Data Science I
ANLT 203 Statistics for Data Science II
ANLT 205 Consumer Analytics

ANLT 206 Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining
ANLT 207 Time Series Analysis

ANLT 212 Analytics Computing I
ANLT 213 Analytics Computing II

ANLT 214 Data Engineering I
ANLT 215 Data Engineering II

ANLT 222 Machine Learning I
ANLT 223 Machine Learning II

ANLT 224 Data Wrangling
ANLT 232 Introduction to Data Visualization

ANLT 233 Dynamic Visualization
ANLT 234 Analytics Storytelling

ANLT 242 Relational Databases
ANLT 243 NoSQL Databases

ANLT 272 Healthcare Case Studies
ANLT 273 Fraud Detection

ANLT 274 Recommender Systems
ANLT 275 Text Mining

ANLT 276 Emphasis Case Studies
ANLT 277 Visualization Case Studies

ANLT 282 Capstone Project
ANLT 283 Weekly Hot Topics

Department of Electrical Engineering
ECPE 133 Solid State Devices
ECPE 255 Robotics
ECPE 276 Cloud Computing

Conservatory of Music
Department of Music Management
MMGT 109/209 Beyond Talent: Managing Your Performance Career
MMGT 120/220 Media Production
MMGT 121/221 Media Promotion
MMGT 170/270 Topical Seminars in Music Industry Studies
MMGT 096 Sound Recording Fundamentals (course number change)
MMGT 097 Performing Arts Administration (course number change)
MMGT 098 Artist Management (course number change)
MMGT 140 Music Products Management (course number change)
MMGT 160 Recording Studio Production (course number change)

Program Changes
School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
College of the Pacific - Department of Chemistry
Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences Program
PhD and MS Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences - Pharmacoeconomics & Health Care Outcomes & Services Concentration
PhD and MS Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences - Chemical Synthesis, Drug Discovery and Design Concentration

Department Name Change Proposal - Department of Speech Language Pathology

Declaration of Intent Form Revision

New Program (Non-Stockton Campus)
Dugoni School of Dentistry
MS Physician Assistant Studies

Departmental Honors Program Template

Institutional Effectiveness Committee Charge