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Academic Affairs Committee Documents: December 1, 2016

Program Changes                                                                              
Conservatory of Music
BM Music Performance                   
i.          Woodwind/Brass/Percussion                     
ii.          Strings                   
iii.          Voice                   
iv.          Piano
BM Music Studies                     
i.          Jazz Studies                     
ii.          Music Composition                   
iii.          Music Therapy                   
iv.          Music Management                     
v.          Music History                   
vi.          Music Education/Instrumental                  
vii.          Music Education/Choral  

School of Engineering and Computer Science
New Program Proposal
BS Civil Engineering 
BS Computer Science
BS Engineering Management  

College of the Pacific
Health Exercise and Sport Sciences
BA Health and Exercise Science
BS Health and Exercise Science
Memo for BA & BS Health and Exercie Science

Minutes - November 3, 2016   

Conservatory of Music
Music Performance 
MPER 019 Singer's Phoenetics
MPER 052 Performance Class
MPER 022 Introduction to Lyric Diction - French
MPER 054 Dean's Seminar
MPER 69 Opera Theatre Workshop - to 69A
MPER 69 Opera Theatre Workshop - to 69B
MPER 69 Opera Theatre Workshop - to 69C
MPER 020 Introduction to Lyric Diction
MPER 021 Introduction to Lyric Diction
Music Education
MEDU 119 Fieldwork - Music Grades 4-12
MEDU 120 21st Century Approaches to Music Education
Music Studies
MCOM 108/208 Counterpoint 
Music Composition
MCOM 29 The Analog-Digital Studio
MCOM 134 Composition: Senior Project
MCOM 003 Musicianship Fundamentals
MCOM 042 Musicianship I
MCOM 043 Musicianship II
MCOM 044 Musicianship III
MCOM 15 Music Theory IV: 20th Century 
MCOM 011 Music Theory and Aural Perception II
MCOM 010 Music Theory and Aural Perception I
MCOM 127 Music, Sound, and Film
MCOM 111 Advanced Computer Music
MCOM 12 Music Theory III: Chromaticism
Music Management
MMGT 181 Senior Music Project Proposal
MMGT 186 Senior Music Project  

School of Engineering and Computer Science
CYBR 200 to 280
CYBR 200 to 280 Syllabi
Engineering Management
EMGT 142L Design and Innovation Lab
Computer Science
COMP 137 Parallel Computing   

College of the Pacific

Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences
HESP 180 Epidemiology
Environmental Studies
ENST 197 Undergraduate Research
Food Studies
FOOD 235 The Business of Food
HIST 080 Introduction to Public History and Museum Studies  
School of Education
Curriculum and Instruction
EDUC 259 Teaching English Learners - Single Subject   

III.          Committee Charges                                                                            

FHB 6.2.1 Academic Affairs Committee and FHB 6.2.4 Committee on Graduate Studies 

IV.          Follow up to prior Committee Action                                                
Action HESP approval syllabi contingency - May 5, 2016 AAC Minutes - pg 4