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Academic Facilities Improvement Committee

Current Committee Roster


  • Review and implement improvements and upgrades to existing academic facilities
  • Academic facilities include any campus spaces that are dedicated towards the mission of teaching and instruction
  • Review requests for improvements valued over $1000


  • Potential for improvement of student learning outcomes
  • Number of students and faculty served
  • Cost effectiveness and funding resource issues (i.e. matching funds)
  • Relation to other faculty initiatives
  • Lack of alternative resources
  • Availability of resources allocated for facilities improvements
  • Support of facilities by special needs groups


Requests Under $1,000: Please complete the proposal form and submit it to Ann Gillen, email Office of the Registrar at any time throughout the calendar year.

Requests Over $1,000: Please complete the proposal form and submit it to AFIC, c/o Office of the Provost. For additional information contact Victoria Oliva, email Ava Hammond. Submissions are accepted throughout the academic year.


Request for Improvement of Academic Facility