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List of Committees and Rosters

Academic Council Committee Roster

Academic Committees

Faculty members are elected by their peers to serve on Academic Committees, including the Academic Council. The committees and Council formulate policy recommendations on issues affecting curriculum, faculty and related academic concerns. All other faculty committees report to the Academic Council. 

Committee Chair Members Annual Reports               
Academic Affairs Committee Jeff Becker Roster  
Admissions and Financial Aid Committee Burr Phillips Roster  
Committee for Academic Planning and Development (CAPD) Liang Xue Roster  
Committee on Graduate Studies Matt Normand Roster  
Council on Teacher Education TBD Roster  
Experiential Learning Oversight Committee (inactive) Roster  
Faculty Compensation Committee Eric Typpo Roster  
Faculty Grievance Committee Lisa Itaya Roster  
Faculty Research Committee Lisa Wrischnik Roster  
General Education Committee Ryan Hill Roster  
Library Committee Scott Larwood Roster  
Professional Relations Committee Kirk Land Roster  
Student Academic Grievance Board Heather Dunn Carlton Roster  
University Awards Committee Gene Pearson Roster  
International Programs and Services Committee Susan Sample Roster  
Technology in Education Committee Heidi Stevenson Roster  
University Diversity Curriculum Committee Robin Imhof Roster  

Joint Administration Faculty Committees

The Joint Administration Faculty Committees are comprised of faculty, staff and administrators. All faculty who serve on a Joint Administration Faculty Committees are elected by the Academic Council or a direct vote of the faculty. These committees include  the Promotions and Tenure Committee and the Institutional Priorities Committee, which recommend planning and budget priorities to the President. 

Committees Chair Members
Athletics Advisory Board Courtney Lehmann Roster
Educational Equity Programs Advisory Board Mary Aguirre Roster
Institutional Priorities Committee Lydia Fox Roster
Information Strategy & Policy Committee Art Sprecher Roster
Promotions and Tenure Committee Ruth Brittin Roster
Summer Sessions Advisory Board Barbara Shaw Roster
University Compensation Committee Jane Lewis Roster
Academic Facilities Improvement Committee TBD Roster
Commencement Speakers Committee Hector Estrada Roster
Institutional Effectiveness Committee TBD Roster
Strategic Planning Committee Maria Pallavicini Roster
University Assessment Committee Veronica Wells Roster

Administration Committees (with Faculty Membership)

The Administration Committees may include members from faculty, staff and administration. These include the University Facilities Committee. Faculty who serve on administration committees are appointed by administrators who chair the committees.

Committees Chair Members
Academic Regulations Committee TBD Roster
Judicial Review Board/Hearing Officer Heather Dunn Carlton Roster
University Facilities Committee Priscilla Meckley-Archuleta Roster
Student Media Board Marge Grey Roster
Institutional Review Board Todd Davenport & Eleanor Wittrup Roster
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee John Livesey Roster
Sustainability Committee Ryan Moffet Roster
University Marshal Balint Sztaray Roster