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Academic Affairs Committee Roster

Term Expires - 2016 Term Expires - 2017 Term Expires - 2018
Alan Lenzi, COP/Humanities (2015-16 replacement for M. Lee) Jennifer Ross, ENG (2015-16 replacement for A. Brown) James Haffner, MUS
Jeff Miles, BUS Justin Low, EDU (2015-16 replacement for L. Webster) Wade Russu, PHS
Sarah Mathis, SIS Jeff Becker,COP/Social Sciences Jianhua Ren, COP/Natural Sciences

TBD, ASuop Representative TBD, Major in Liberal Arts
TBD, Professional School .

Provost Office Representative  Graduate Studies Committee Chair
Cyd Jenefsky, Vice Provost Strategy & Educational Effectiveness Matt Normand, COP

Ex-Officio Non-Voting .
Rena Fraden, Dean COP Phillip Oppenheimer, Dean PHS
Gesine Gerhard, GE Director, COP Representative Bill Herrin, Director SIS
Daniel Ebbers, Interim Dean MUS Steven Howell, Dean ENG
Lewis Gale, Dean BUS Linda Webster, Interim Dean EDU
Connie Callahan, Chair of the Regents Academic Affairs Committee  Mary Somerville, University Liibrarian
TBD, University Registrar TBD, Student Life Representative
Patrick Day, VP Student Life