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Admissions and Financial Aid Committee Roster

Term Expires - 2018 Term Expires - 2019 Term Expires - 2020
Brian Klunk, COP/Social Sciences * Jinzhu Gao, ENG Myo Kyoung Kim, PHS
Janice Chen, BUS (2017-18 replacement for Cynthia Eakin, BUS) Christina, Rusk, EDU
  Martin Camps, COP/Humanities
Nicolas Waldvogel, MUS (Spring 2018 replacement for Daniel Ebbers, MUS)


Grant Kirkpatrick, ASUOP President


Admissions                  Financial Aid
Chris Krzak, Asst Vice Provost & Dir of Admissions Lynn Fox, Asst Vice Provost and Executive Director of Financial Aid


Ex-Officio Non-Voting
David Voskuil, Interim Vice President for Enrollment Management
Greg Rohlf, Academic Chair of UOP International
Sharmila King, Academic Council Past Chair and Academic Council Executive Board Liason