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Admissions and Financial Aid Committee Roster

Term Expires - 2018 Term Expires - 2019 Term Expires - 2020
Brian Klunk, COP/Social Sciences * Jinzhu Gao, ENG Myo Kyoung Kim, PHS
Janice Chen, BUS (2017-18 replacement for Cynthia Eakin, BUS) Christina, Rusk, EDU
  Martin Camps, COP/Humanities
Daniel Ebbers, MUS


Grant Kirkpatrick, ASUOP President


Admissions                  Financial Aid
Chris Krzak, Asst Vice Provost & Dir of Admissions Lynn Fox, Asst Vice Provost and Executive Director of Financial Aid


Ex-Officio Non-Voting
J. Michael Thompson, Associate Vice President and Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
Greg Rohlf, Academic Chair of UOP International
Sharmila King, Academic Council Past Chair and Academic Council Executive Board Liason